WhisperReporter Inspector Driven Innovation

Product Description

WhisperReporter is designed to meet the needs of property inspectors throughout the world by providing complete report layout customization to create virtually any report desired.

Product Highlights

  • Fully customizable to create virtually any report and in any style
  • Integrated word processor with spellchecking, autocorrect and thesaurus
  • Customizable and fully formatted frequently used comments with quick insert
  • Automatically scaled digital images inserted anywhere in the report with full text wrap-around
  • Embedded Picklists and Cloakable text
  • Auto summary generation
  • PDF creation with bookmarking
  • Signature capture
  • Integrates with ISN - Inspection Support Network

Product Requirements

Any machine capable of running full Microsoft Windows™ 7 or later (This includes the new Microsoft Surface Go but only if switched out of S mode). Note: WhisperReporter can run on a MAC OS system but only on Windows installed under Parallels or VMWare

Some hardware performance suggestions (Intel reference):
Good: i3 processer w/4GB RAM and 64GB storage
Better: i5 processer w/8GB RAM and 128GB+ storage
Best: i7 processer w/8GB+ RAM and 128GB+ storage
Compare with AMD processors here.

The download of WhisperReporter provides the full product which can be used to install a new instance or update an existing instance. If you have not yet purchased a license, it will run for about 14 non-consecutive usage days. During that time trial period, the PDF created report will contain a message in the footer indicating that it is a trial version. If you wish to try out the product on an actual inspection that you can deliver to your customer, please request an evaluation license which will remove this trial message and provide an extended period in which to fully test drive the product.

Download Current Release
Version 1.28.I (2024-02-23), 34.3 MB
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Download Previous Release
Version 1.28.H (2023-01-22), 34.3 MB

Purchasing of a license is provided securely through PayPal. You do not have to have an account with PayPal if paying by Credit Card, but can still use their services to process the Credit Card. PayPal also offers a six months same as cash option during Paypal Checkout (click here for more info).

Price: $595.00 USD
8.25% Sales Tax applicable for sales in Texas

Note: WhisperReporter Ascent is also now available for purchase or upgrade. More information will be provided soon, but please contact us for upgrade and purchasing options. The current online documentation for WhisperReporter Ascent is available here. You can also download the latest demo version by clicking on the respecive link below. The demo version has various limitations and is provided to demonstrate most of its capabilites. A full evaluation version is available on request.
64bit (recommended for most installs, including Surface Pro X under Windows 11 (x64 emulation is supported), unless using Apex Sketch)
WhisperReporter Ascent Demo (64bit)
32bit (required for users of Apex Sketch or the ARM processor based Surface Pro X under Windows 10 where x64 emulation is not supported
WhisperReporter Ascent Demo (32bit).