Terms and Conditions


When one of our products is first installed on a particular PC, you will typically have 15 usage days from that date to fully evaluate the product free of charge before a license must be issued. Note: Only days in which the product is used is counted as a usage day; however, the usage days have an expiration date, which can be as soon as within a 30 calendar day period. If you feel that you did not have adequate time to fully evaluate the product, please contact us so that we can extend this evaluation period for you.

90-day Price Protection

If we offer a product for a lower price within 90 days of your purchase of that product, let us know and we will refund the difference to you, including any applicable sales taxes. For example, if you had purchased Version 1 for $599 on April 1, 2017, and we then offered Version 1 for $499 on June 10, 2017, you would be eligible for a $100 refund, plus applicable sales taxes. See our Software Upgrade Policy below for additional details.

Technical Support

Unlimited general technical support is free for all of our current products; however, this general technical support provides for e-mail support only. Phone support may require a support contract after an introductory period as yet to be determined. We are usually available during the hours of 9AM to 9PM Central Time 7 days a week for answering questions and providing helpful guidance for resolving any problems that may arise with our software. We can be contacted via email at Support@WhisperSolutions.com or by telephone at 210-446-7512. If we are not immediately available, please leave a message. The message service provided by Google will automatically send a voice email to all support personnel. Someone will then return your call as soon as possible.

Software Upgrade

Minor version upgrades are free from our web site for a period of at least one year; however after that, or with a Major version change, we may require an upgrade fee and/or a support contract. The format of our version numbering scheme is as follows: Major.Minor.Maintenance. For example, Version 1.16.B can be broken down as Major Version of 1, Minor Version of 16, and Maintenance Version of B. Typically, the Major Version will only change if a significant rewrite occurs or if we add substantial capabilities or functionality to the product that was not addressed in the current version. The Minor Version can also change due to significant updates to the product, however, those changes usually enhance functionality rather than add functionality. The Maintenance Version is primarily used to indicate a bug fix release, but may also include product enhancements should a bug fix be required prior to our incrementing the Minor Version.


Fine print: All terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice