WhisperReporter Beta Pre-Release Upcoming enhancements / bug fixes

This is a pre-release Beta test version. We recommend that it only be downloaded and installed if suggested by Whisper Support or if you are experiencing the problems addressed by this beta. Keep in mind that this beta may also include new features which might affect what you are used to, or may introduce new bugs. Note that any new features might not be fully implemented at the time the beta was uploaded, or may not end up in the final release.

Changes since the last release that are included in this beta version:

  • 1.28.b1: Now if resetting the basic diagram in the newer Texas WDI T-5 reports to the same or another basic diagram, it will use the 4x4 grid size rather than the older 4x5 grid size used in the earlier Texas WDI reports.
  • 1.28.b2: Additional fixes relating to the resetting of the diagram, including saving the change immediately and the handling of custom diagram images.
  • 1.28.b3: Text match search in Client Manager and the Browse Reports windows will now also now match against the respective Zipcode.
  • 1.28.b3/b4: Corrected a bug introduced in 1.28.A where the tablet toolbar Flex button configured for F2 (topic RR search) would do the same thing as the Shift+F2 (global RR search).
  • 1.28.b4: Report generation now honors the editor option to restart numbered bullets. This was needed to better handle cloakable bullets.
  • 1.28.b5: Corrected an issue with BlankRapidSketch.rs file used when adding a new sketch. It was binary instead of XML based (XML is needed for use with the integration control. Binary is only for direct use by RapidSketch standalone)
  • 1.28.b6: Fix a problem with the older toolbar in dialogs like the RapidRemark Manager where it didn't always know you were on a bulleted line in order to enable the popup menu item for setting the bullet style.

Download Current Beta
Version 1.28.b6 (2020-06-19), 34.3 MB