WhisperReporter Ascent Change History It's all good!

  • Added Help menu item link to view Ascent change history.
  • Mobile: Changed the way mobile forms edit text boxes (you now have to click the KBD button to edit). The previous way could pop up the editor when scrolling.
  • Added a new option when backing up one or more reports to allow you to also backup global service fees/discounts. Normally only those service fees/discounts specific for the reports being backed up and those applied to those reports are backed up with the reports in order to prevent unwanted service fees/discount on destination computers.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for a range check error when importing or pasting HTML.
  • Fixed a bug which cased an access violation when viewing extended attributes.
  • HTML import fix for tables when Windows display scaling > 100%.
  • Now maintains the navigation panel expansion state between reports.
  • Fixes a currency symbol issue when adding/editing Service Fees.
  • Added support for caption color when using the <$CheckedTopicCheckboxes> tag.
  • Now if you have subtopics, the nav button to expand/collapse nodes becomes a three state button: Expand all except topics, expand all including topics, collapse all. If there are no subtopics, the button acts as it did before, a two state button: expand all, collapse all.
  • Reworked the whole process for transferring reports between Ascent and Mobile.
  • Integrated with a new image engine, version 13.1.0.
  • Integrated with a new PDF processor.
  • Added a new preference option for checkboxes/radio buttons: Ignore size settings, use current font size instead.
  • New feature to be able to convert colored text to grayscale when creating the PDF.
  • Now suppresses hidden paragraphs when converting to HTML for mobile.
  • Now you can set the cloak toggle mode (single or double click) separate for desktop and tablet personality.
Bug Fixes
  • Canceling an update download didn't always know it was canceled which would then prompt that it completed and if they wanted to continue with the update.
  • Corrected a toolbar positioning issue.
  • Corrected an update issue when multiple instances are modifying the same topic.
  • Selecting a new client from the Client Manager was not updating the property address if marked to sync the two.
  • Now checks for an active database connection before attempting to re-establish the database connection after the computer wakes up from sleep.
  • Fixed a focus issue when configuring custom buttons.
  • Corrected a formatting issue moving from form design mode to form entry mode in the "General Info: Other" tab page.
  • Now removes styles when importing RapidRemarks from an RTF file. Plus it was not saving the final RapidRemark being imported.
  • Fixed the "combine table with next table" functionality.
  • Fixed a refresh issue when switching form entry mode while showing extended attributes.
  • When switching into form entry mode and the caret is not in a form field, it will move the caret to the next/previous field rather than the first field.
  • Fixed an issue that added a blank paragraph at the beginning when restoring an HTML based comment, such as from Mobile.
  • Fixed a problem encoding/decoding various report notes when transferring to/from mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where it was adding a blank line after a table when converting to HTML for Mobile.
  • Added a new Preference option for Checkboxes which used to be always enabled: Toggling a user checkbox also toggles all cloaked text in the same paragraph. This is now off by default.
  • Checking a user checkbox within text that is currently cloaked will auto-uncloak that text.
  • Increased size of Camera button for "Take Snapshot"
  • Added support for subtopic formatting in the TOC.
  • Added a new editor preference option to choose voice or handwriting input as an alternate input method, default being voice input. Works for the main editor and for RapidRemarks editor only.
  • Watermark overlays will now support custom tags.
  • If a report is open, editing a watermark overlay to add a tag will now also show available custom tags found in that report for ease of adding a custom tag (under the "Report" branch).
  • Added a warning if a user's system clock is off by more than 15 minutes when trying to (re)validate their registration code. If it was, it would never get (re)validated and the user would not realize it.
Bug Fixes
  • When just toggling a Topic Checkbox without making comment changes, it will now mark the topic as being modified if it wasn't already.
  • Fix for the <$CheckedTopicCheckboxes> tag (it was listing orphaned checked checkboxes).
  • Fixed various issues with the TOC.
  • Corrected the hint for Zoom In/Out toolbar buttons (they were backwards).
  • ImageEditor: The text color dropdown was not being updated when clicking on a text layer.
  • ImageEditor: The color dropdowns and object shoebox sometimes would not be populated when editing a watermark.
  • Removed a couple of cases that re-aligned the nav toolbar to the left which could be annoying.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong image would be selected after invoking the image editor. This also caused a problem should you attempt to then delete the image which subsequently could delete multiple images.
  • Fixed a problem populating comboboxes in the General Information pages.
  • Fixed the treeview indentation at scales > 100% (it was indenting too much).
  • ImageEditor: Added a new text placement option when adding a text object (default is center of image).
  • Added support for the image file tag to allow x and y offsets.
  • Now skips read only topics when running a spell check all.
  • Added a new tag for topic layouts: <$CheckedTopicCheckboxes> which will list the checked topic checkboxes by name separated by commas.
  • Added additional address related tags to be able to separate the street name and number. Example: $Prop:Addr1No, $Prop:Addr1Str. Available for Property, Client and Company address tags.
  • The Topic checkbox summary page will now also show the subtopics and any of its checkboxes that are checked.
Bug Fixes
  • If a watermark override was specified during report generation, it was printing the watermark twice, once as a normal watermark and again as an overlay.
  • After switching layouts without a report open, some tabs were shown that shouldn't be when no report is open.
  • Corrected some table menu icons.
  • Changes to the ISN report upload to be compatible with changes on the ISN server that was causing problems if the PDF name or title contained spaces.
  • Corrected a problem initializing a new comment's font name and size.
  • Changed the caption font of all dock panels to bold so as to stand out better even when unpinned.
  • Added option in our camera tools to select whether to apply image options such as shadow or not.
  • Added the ability to toggle a prompt about adding image options such as shadow or not when using the MS camera tool or the external camera option. The prompt will appear only at the time the camera toolbar button is toggled on.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a couple of problems when a topic comment has not yet been internally created in the database for a newly added topic (issues: honoring read only and recalling saved changes).
  • Mobile related: Corrected a problem converting HTML cloaked items back to RTF cloaked items on a restore from mobile (it wasn't properly terminating the href when removing the mobile cloaking color prior to converting back to RTF)
  • Fixed a refresh issue with Real Estate data when creating a new report that pulls new agents or companies from one of the inspection support services such as ISN, which could result in the agent/company not being assigned for the new report.
  • ImageEditor: Added a new setting to set the drawing mode for ellipses and rectangles to either stay in drawing mode (legacy) or automatically toggle to Select mode (default). (Image Editor > Settings > Ellipse/Rectangle Mode)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an access violation when changing the flex tablet toolbar button to F11.
  • When restoring an alias placeholder image from Mobile, Ascent wasn't updating the placeholder image badge with that of the respective alias image.
  • Fixed a tag's font issue when setting linked text or cloakable text and the first char was a Wingdings char (tag would take on the Wingdings font making it unreadable).
  • Integrated a new fix for the item spacing in the RapidRemark panel when changing Windows Display Scaling such as dragging it to another monitor with a different display scale.
  • Enabled gif image support.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the RapidRemark Manager.
  • When emailing a report and you click the [Send & Close] button, it will launch the email client, close the email dialog and will now also close the Report Generation Completed dialog. Clicking [Send] then [Close] will not close the Report Generation Completed dialog.
  • ImageEditor: Now after drawing a circle or rectangle shape, the editor will switch to select mode automatically so that you can quickly resize or move the shape just drawn rather than staying in draw mode to draw additional shapes.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem toggling radio buttons in groups that start the same, like 4 and 40 (clicking a group 4 radio button would also toggle group 40 and change it internally to group 4).
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the RapidRemark panel when dragging Ascent from one monitor to another with different Windows Scaling settings.
  • Fixed an issue where you were allowed to add info in the company manager even when no company was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where it would not necessarily bring the Thunderbird email client forward if there was no subject specified, such as when not using an email template.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the SA expiration notification (it was always showing up even when it was over 7 days).
  • Fixed an issue where applying a chapter layout change in the ReportView Manager would not actually apply the change to all the other chapters if those chapters were previously set to none. It would look like it did but it wasn't actually saving those other chapter layout changes to the database.
  • Fixed a restore issue with RapidSketch and Apex Sketch sketches not correctly updating the sketch reference when restoring a topic comment that has a reference to one of those sketches.
  • New: If the CTRL key is down when selecting the insert image buttons, it will skip applying image options such as captions, shadow etc.
  • New: Added menu options to preload images without applying image options such as captions, shadow, etc.
  • Improved field entry checkbox and radio button toggling (wider hit area for toggling).
  • Now when exporting to HTML for Mobile transfer, if a line contains a single normal space it replaces it with a single non-breaking space in order to prevent HTML from removing the blank line.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem selecting from a picklist that is within protected (locked) text.
  • Fixed the font sizing for image filename and timestamp options introduced recently with Mobile changes.
  • Fixed field style radio buttons from corrupting the radio button character when toggling it.
  • Standalone setups for Ascent now require a password to start the install process. The password is your registration code and you must be connected to the internet. Your registration code is validated to be sure your Software Assurance is active. Starting with 221, if performing an update within Ascent it will automatically fill in your registration code and validate it (for now, updating within will run a setup that does not require a password so that and earlier versions can update without having to enter their registration code as the password).
  • Help > About will show your Software Assurance status.
  • Improved registration handling to help avoid having the installation count exceed the number allowed.
  • ImageEditor: Added a option for lines and polylines where you can set the line style, such as a dashed or dotted line etc instead of just solid lines.
  • Add a new custom button option: Select Paragraph.
  • Added a Windows notification when Software Assurance is within 7 days of expiring.
  • ImageEditor: Added a option for lines and polylines where you can set the line style, such as a dashed or dotted line etc instead of just solid lines.
  • Add a new custom button option: Select Paragraph.
  • Added a Windows notification when Software Assurance is within 7 days of expiring.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare access violation during a restore.
  • Fixed Image Caption Format dialog where it wasn't saving manual changes to the caption format.
  • Fixed a line spacing issue when printing RapidRemarks.
  • Added prompt when it finds a current instance of Ascent running allowing you to use it or start a new instance. This is to help prevent additional instances from being started without the user realizing it.
  • Added support for form entry fields to convert to HTML input types when sending to mobile.
  • Added support for converting form based HTML input fields back into RTF form fields when restoring from mobile.
  • Now converts an HTML pseudo tab (8 consecutive spaces) back into tab character on restore from mobile (HTML does not support the tab character itself).
  • Now preserves paragraph names used for formulas when sending to and receiving from mobile. Also corrects the HTML version of < and > characters (&lt; and &gt;) back to the standard chars in the formula.
  • Now performs a recalculation on restore from mobile in case there are any formulas that needed to be recalculated due to changes in values on mobile (mobile doesn't do the recalc).
  • Added an option to Ascent mobile transfer to visually scale down images if transferring to a phone or a mobile device with a small screen (scaling was the default previously but added for tablet devices where it is not needed to have them scaled down)