FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

By default, the Microsoft Surface Go is set up in S mode. According to their FAQ, applications that are compatible with S mode are only available in the Microsoft store which are specifically designed to run on the respective processor of your device. We have not yet tested to see if our applications can be installed outside of the Microsoft Windows store or not, but it should if you switch the Surface Go out of S mode which is available for free from the Microsoft Store. However, once it is switched out of the S mode, you cannot switch it back. We will be testing the Surface Go in the near future once available.
Apple and Android devices are not yet supported, but they are on our roadmap. While WhisperReporter runs very well on a Mac OS under Windows on Parallels or VMWare, it is not native. Development for native Apple and Android devices will start shortly after the release of WhisperReporter Version 2 expected later this year. We intend to have both a full version that runs natively on the Mac OS along with companion apps for iOS and Android. We do not have a timeframe at this point.