FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

By default, the Microsoft Surface Go is set up in S mode. According to their FAQ, applications that are compatible with S mode are only available in the Microsoft store which are specifically designed to run on the respective processor of your device. We have not yet tested it ourselves, but those inspectors who have tried indicated that it redirected them to the Microsoft Store for installation which did not work. However, after switching the Surface Go out of S mode, which is available for free from the Microsoft Store, it installed and worked fine. Note that once the Microsoft Go is switched out of S mode, you cannot switch it back.
Apple (iOS) and Android devices are not yet supported, but as of July 27, 2023 the mobile companion app for WhisperReporter Ascent is under beta test (we have a limited number of inspectors that are actively paticipating). The mobile app will be primarily used for quick and easy data collection and will closely mirror your template as designed on Ascent. We do not have a release date at this time.
When a topic's background is yellow, this indicates the topic is write protected. A topic can be write protecetd if it was marked as complete or if a topic comment has not been assigned to this topic in the Report View. If the icon next to the topic in the navigation panel has a checkmark on it (  ) this indicates the topic has been marked as complete. Marking a topic as complete is typically used to indicate to yourself that the topic has been reviewed and does not need to be looked at anymore. It also write protects the topic to prevent accidental changes. To mark or unmark the topic as complete, you can use the respective toolbar icon ( document icon having a checkmark inside ) to toggle this state or right click the topic edit area and select either "Topic Is Complete" or "Topic Is Not Complete".
Yes. Currently we allow WhisperReporter to be installed on all your Windows devices using the same license file, provided that all devices are used to produce reports for that licensed inspector. For example, if an inspector is sponsoring another inspector who does not yet have a state inspection license, they can share their license with them during the sponsoring period. We do however, reserve the right to limit the number of devices in the future if we find the licensing is being abused.
Sounds like the image(s) are set to be "No text wrap, image under|over text". To correct this, select the image (you may have to hold the shift key down while selecting the image if it is behind text), then right click and select "Standard In-Line (position in-line as a character)" or one of the Auto Wrap options, depending on your need. Even though it should remember this setting for any subsequent images that you add to a comment, you will still have to repeat this for any images currently and unintentionally set as "no text wrap".
Late in 2016, we changed our hosting provider which caused the service used for checking of updates to fail. This was fixed in versions 1.16.E and later, however, if you currently have version 1.16.D or earlier you will need to download and run the setup program directly from the WhisperReporter product page which will update your current installation.
On some tablets like the Microsoft Surface series, Windows 10 update 1803 changed the default behavior. To fix this, there are two settings you may have to make:
  • Settings > select Devices > select Typing > uncheck the Show the Touch Keyboard when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached. However, if you are using a stylus, this setting is ignored.
  • To adjust the setting when using a stylus mentioned above, follow this sequence: Settings > Devices > Pen & Windows Ink > When I tap a text field with my pen, use handwriting to input text > select Only in tablet mode
On Windows 11 tablets, there is no option to toggle tablet mode on/off like under Windows 10, so the Windows 11 default is to always show the on-screen keyboard (OSK) when tapping on a text field. To avoid this, there are two settings you have to make:
  • Starting with the Settings menu in the upper left of the Settings dialog, select Time & language > select Typing > uncheck the Show the Touch Keyboard when there's no keyboard attached.
  • Starting with the Settings menu in the upper left of the Settings dialog, select Bluetooth & devices > select Pen & Windows Ink > select Use your handwriting to enter text > select Never for the option: When I tap a text field with my pen, use the handwriting panel or touch keyboard to input text