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One of the most versatile inspection reporting applications available today

Unified Workspace

Includes a built-in word processor with spellchecker and thesaurus, drag-n-drop insertion for images and frequently used comments, navigation panel for quick topic selection, and more!

Incredible Feature Set

Create PDF reports fast with in-line picklists, tags to reference global or report specific values, cloakable text that you can hide/show with a single click, auto-lookup and insertion of frequently used comments, link text to a summary, watermarking and much much much more!

Powerful Report Designer

Create just about any report design you want, you are in control! You can modify existing report layouts or start from scratch with a blank sheet of paper. Create reports that are free form narrative, checklist style, as a form with fields to fill in, or a combination of all three!


The professional inspection reporting system by Whisper Computer Solutions, Inc.

A complete self-contained inspection reporting system with included starter templates.

Unified Workspace

  • Built-in word process, spellchecker and thesaurus
  • Signature capture directly into any topic
  • Table of Contents creation based on the navigation tree
  • Drag-n-drop frequently used comments and images
  • Hint window that can be used as reminders of what the topic should include
  • Topic navigation panel for quick selection of a topic
Unified Workspace screenshot

PDF Creation

  • Secure PDF Creation with Bookmarking
  • Automatic vault backup of generated PDFs
  • Automatic vault backup of the raw report
PDF Creation screenshot


  • Unlimited custom library of frequently used comments
  • Fully formatted: each can be pages long and contain images, picklists, etc
  • Categorizable into folder hierarchies
  • View only those applicable to the specific topic being worked on
  • Keyword and keyphrase searchable with quick insertion
RapidRemarks screenshot


  • Topic comment in-line dropdown text selection
  • Unlimited number of customizable picklists
  • Categorizable into folder hierarchies
  • Picklist item can select text or a RapidRemark
  • Multiple selection ability
Picklists screenshot


  • Unlimited number of images
  • Automatic scaling and edge enhancement such as drop shadow effect
  • Built-in editor for adding annotation, including arrows, circles, etc and tools for rotation, brightness, contrast and saturation
  • Preload images for quick drag-n-drop access
  • Resizable and positionable anywhere in a topic comment
Image Panel screenshot

Linking Text

  • Linked Text
    Re-use sections of a topic comment elsewhere in a report. You can also group multiple sections using a qualifier for use in a summary for example.
  • Topic Link
    Sets a hyperlink which will move to the topic specified when clicked
  • Hyperlink
    Sets a hyperlink to launch a web browser using the URL specified when clicked
  • File Link
    Sets a hyperlink which will open the file specified when clicked
Linking Text screenshot


  • Used to insert data into the report, such as client names, property address, etc, from the General Information area
  • Useful when creating report templates having a cover page or invoice for example
  • Also used to reference linked text for use elsewhere in a report or in a summary page
Tags screenshot


  • Mark sections of a topic comment to be shown or hidden using a single click
  • Used primarily when designing a template
  • Can also be used to add personal notes about a topic that won't appear in a generated report
Cloaking screenshot

Report Designer

  • Uses a book paradigm: Chapter and Topics
  • Chapters define the page layout, including margins, page orientation, headers/footers, plus static text that gets added for each chapter
  • Topics within each chapter define how to present a topic comment, such as its heading and indentation, plus static text that gets added for each topic
Report Designer screenshot