Whisper Free Tools

This is a list, albeit small list, of free tools that you are welcome to download and use unconditionally but at your own risk. They are also unsupported as-is, however they are used by many of our customers so they are indirectly supported through our other applications that might incorporate their use.

Whisper Image Editor (Lite) v2.0.0.22 (Beta testing stage)

This is our upcoming enhanced version of the image editor. It is currently a stable beta test version, so check back often for new updates. The latest update integrates a new image processing engine, various bug fixes and adds line styles for drawing dotted or dashed lines and polylines.

Some new features over v1 include orientation awareness, cropping, rotation, free-hand brush drawing and erase, plus the ability to re-edit the image to add, remove or modify any objects, like arrows, circles, etc, that have been added to the image. We've also included polyline drawing capability to help in drawing property sketches, typically drawn for wood destroying insect reports.

The desktop layout is configurable. Panels can be made to collapse or not by clicking the pin in each panel's upper right corner. You can also reposition panels by dragging the panel and moving it to where you want it, or redocked by dragging it into the layout template dock points that will appear while dragging the panel. If you really mess it up, just restart the program or use the menu sequence: Settings > Reset Desktop Layout to Default.

Also, if would be very helpful if you could please provide feedback to support@whispersolutions.com or use our Contact page. If you have a 64bit version of Windows, we suggest you download the 64bit version. If in doubt, download the 32bit version (32bit version works on either version of Windows). If you are planning on using it with WhisperReporter v1 then install the 32bit version.

Download WhisperImageEditor - 64bit Download WhisperImageEditor - 32bit
Version, updated 2023-09-06

ImageEditLite (old version)

Version 1.6.A Plus (2019-04-22) - Basic jpg image annotation application for use with our legacy WhisperPI3 application or outside of WhisperReporter. The Plus version is the same version as the 1.6.A version (2018-07-01) but with additional ImageObjects. (this editor is built in to WhisperReporter and is not needed unless you wish to use it without having to open WhisperReporter, plus it is also installed automatically when installing WhisperReporter 1.24.C or later anyway)

Download ImageEditLite