WhisperReporter Change History It's all good!

  • Added support for SSL (https) for use with ISN.
  • Added support for backing up and restoring clients.
  • Added a new popup option in the RapidRemarks Manager, Save current node positions, to resequence and save the current sort order into the database.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed HomeGauge import when importing the same HG file multiple times to new root folders
  • Now uses the built in XML reader instead of using OLE for the loading of the ExportDataItems.xml file.
  • If autosave is on, the editor will no longer jump back to the caret if scrolling at the time the autosave occurs unless the topic comment includes formulas for calculations.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a minor spelling error in the Email Report dialog.
  • Corrected a focus issue clicking just to the right of a picklist when used in a text field of a form entry topic (it would apply the click process to the original caret position which could toggle checkboxes unintentionally)
  • Now outputs all symbol character as Glyphs to help render certain characters output to PDF.
  • Added a Tools menu option to open the Title Company Manager
  • Now when backing up or restoring real estate data, it will include the Title Companies.
  • Added a prompt when encountering a duplicate Title Company during a restore.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for an access violation saving the current cursor pos when switching topics.
  • Checking linked text properties would always indicate that "<all>" was included in the list of qualifiers even though it wasn't.
Bug Fixes
  • Merging two reports was no longer working in 1.28.E.
  • Added a new Template Integration feature under the Data Manager. This is to aid in integrating an updated standard template into a custom template based on the older template. For example, it can help integrate the new Texas 7-6 template into your 7-5 based custom template.
  • Added the ability to sort the list of reports to restore by clicking on the grid's column title
  • The RapidRemark hint popup placement has been adjusted to prevent overlapping RapidRemark panel or the F2 RapidRemark auto-search popup.
  • Added options to Backup and Restore hints
  • Now offers to decrypt when backing up the Hints
  • Now sorts the list of Inspectors by description
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the default panel back to being the RapidRemarks panel instead of the images panel which was accidentally switched in the previous version.
  • Fixed a problem updating an existing report comment during integration.
  • Fixed secondary ordering issues
  • Deleting a layout was not deleting its related images
  • Deletion of the current report was not deleting its images
  • In the Report View Manager, fixed an issue trying to create a new chapter when a subtopic is currently selected.
  • Fixed a problem where loading of a read only topic where it was not resetting the topic layout for display purposes (would display the last topic layout rather than leaving it empty).
  • Possible fix for an access violation when switching topics.
  • Some of the backup file names were not always appending the current date stamp to the file name.
  • RapidRemark print preview window now remembers its size and location for next time.
  • Default camera snapshot age is now one second rather than zero for new installs.
  • If an ISN report upload fails, it will just show a message to the user rather than sending a bug report.
  • Updated the copyright date
  • Added updated TeamViewer support tool
  • Added Windows 10 Quick Assist link
  • Now allows Zoho Assist and Windows 10 Quick Assist for branded builds (previously none were offered).
  • Now prevents entering protected text. To have protected text, it must be set that way after being entered using the Lock Text toolbar button (if available)
  • Added logging to the ISN report upload sequence and hard coded connect and read timeouts of 10 seconds each instead of default values which might wait forever.
  • Added seconds to the timestamp for each logged entry
Bug Fixes
  • RapidRemark printing now maintains its own output selection (PDF, RTF or Printer). Previously it would use and update the output settings for printing a report.
  • The attributes of locked text will now be represented in the editor toolbar.
  • Added code to possibly avoid an FPU exception in PhotoMetadataHandler.dll when browsing to load images.
  • Added a new Camera Setup option to auto rename photos taken with the camera. This is to help prevent a merge conflict if two inspectors took a photo for a report that will be merged together and the device named the photos the same.
  • Reverted the create table dialog to use the grid style for the main editor rather than the dialog style.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a report generation problem that failed to skip over linked text that was contained in an unmodified topic and you chose to suppress empty topics and treat unmodified topics as empty.
  • Fixed an issue removing a link which could cause an image that was just added to also be removed.
  • Corrected a bit depth default for the Insert PDF Page as an Image feature.
  • For the Firebird build only, fixed a RapidRemark population problem
  • Text match search in Client Manager and the Browse Reports windows will now also now match against the respective Zipcode.
  • Report generation now honors the editor option to restart numbered bullets. This was needed to better handle cloakable bullets.
Bug Fixes
  • Now if resetting the basic diagram in the newer Texas WDI T-5 reports to the same or another basic diagram, it will use the 4x4 grid size rather than the older 4x5 grid size used in the earlier Texas WDI reports.
  • Additional fixes relating to the resetting of the diagram, including saving the change immediately and the handling of custom diagram images.
  • Corrected a bug introduced in 1.28.A where the tablet toolbar Flex button configured for F2 (topic RR search) would do the same thing as the Shift+F2 (global RR search).
  • Corrected an issue with BlankRapidSketch.rs file used when adding a new sketch. It was binary instead of XML based (XML is needed for use with the integration control. Binary is only for direct use by RapidSketch standalone)
  • Fix a problem with the older toolbar in dialogs like the RapidRemark Manager where it didn't always know you were on a bulleted line in order to enable the popup menu item for setting the bullet style.
  • Additional key added to the Tablet keys: Shift+Enter. Selectable using the [...] flex button. You can also right click that button to make that flex button a specific use button.
  • Added three new Audit options: Report Number not printed, Client Names not prined, and Client Address not printed.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where license certifications other than the first one would be made available during printing when using an alternate database.
  • Fixed an issue in the Multi-select picklist dialog which could cause a selected picklist item to be toggled when expanding another picklist folder before selecting that folder first.
  • Re-applied a 1.27.B change which was accidently reverted in 1.27.C: The New Table toolbar button on the main editor toolbar now shows the full table creation dialog instead of the shortcut dialog.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue initializing and tracking changes to the layout mode in regards as to when to show page breaks in the editor.
  • A minor fix when showing the Topic Checkbox Summary page.
  • A fix for those with really old databases that might be missing a previously unused database column called "ReportStatus". It will now check to see if it is missing and add it in since it is now used starting with 1.27.C.
  • Fixed an issue when using Subtopic linked text layout headings.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem refreshing the video formats when switching the camera selection.
  • Fixed a problem with the MultiSelect Picklist dialog being able to handle entries that are longer than 256 characters. First introduced in 1.26.b2.
  • Corrected an issue where it would report an invalid license when not connected to the internet.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a Report Vault issue where it was not using the Temp folder.
  • Fixed a backup issue where it was not first deleting an existing backup file, resulting in a faulty file count verification added in 1.27.C.
  • You can now pre-set the "Client Address Same As Property Address" checkbox on a per-template basis so that a new report created from a template having that checkbox set will pre-set it for the new report. With this change, that checkbox is fully user controlled and will no longer be set automatically whenever WhisperReporter detected that the the property and client addresses were the same.
  • Additional checks were added to be sure the number of files backed up was the expected file count.
  • Added a new feature to the Linked Text option in the Formatting Wizard for RapidRemarks. If you select a folder level in the RapidRemarks, you can now add a linked text attribute to all the RapidRemarks in that folder and subfolders of the selected node. The whole RapidRemark body will be marked as linked text, but will skip any RapidRemarks that already have at least one Linked Text attribute set within it. This is helpful if you have a large set of RapidRemarks that you want to pre-set to go to the summary if used in the report.
  • Added a new option to the RapidRemark Manager to be able to change the character case of descriptions: First char uppercase, Title case, uppercase or lowercase. Select a node and right click to choose the character case you wish to change it to. It will change the selected node and any child folders and RapidRemarks contained in those folders. This only affects the description, not the actual body of the RapidRemark.
  • Added a new option to the Whisper Camera Tools to allow them to stay on top (always visible) like it had been prior to 1.27.A.
  • The New Table toolbar button on the main editor toolbar now shows the full table creation dialog instead of the shortcut dialog.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem loading the signature form introduced in 1.27.A (1.26.b2 beta to be exact).
  • Now when printing a report to an HTML file, it will embed images into the HTML file instead of leaving them as links.
  • The zipcode/postal code field for Properties and Clients is now a dropdown populated with previously used ones for properties or clients, respectively.
  • Added a new Report Generation Preference setting: Keep a paragraph together. This will add the Keep Paragraph Together attribute to every topic comment paragraph that is not in a table and not already marked to be kept with the next paragraph. The attribute is only applied to the generated report, not the actual topic comments in the database.
  • The Whisper camera tools no longer are set to "stay on top" so that you do not have to close the camera tool in order to work on your report unobstructed. The camera tools also now create a taskbar icon stacked on the WhisperReporter icon to make it easy to bring focus back to the camera tool. To switch back and forth between the main app and the camera tool, you can click on the taskbar icon for WhisperReporter which will open both icons and just pick the one you want to focus on. The camera tools now include a minimize button as well.
  • Added a new switch to the $LinkedText tag to be able to restart bullet numbering on just the first numbered bullet. Useful if you do not have the preference setting to restart numbered bullets between topics but still want your summary to restart them.
  • Added a new menu option in the RapidRemarks Manager to be able to duplicate a selected folder or individual RapidRemark. Just select a node you want to duplicate and right click to select the new "Duplicate Selected Node" option.
Bug Fixes
  • Changed an initialization option to help prevent rare instances where a popup dialog opens up behind its parent dialog.
  • Firebird database editions Fixed a restore issue with Picklists, RapidRemark Views, Notes, Checkbox Group Rules from a backup of a report created using the standard Professional edition which uses the ADS database. This was due to incompatible field definitions between the two databases.
  • Fixed a problem when using the image panel to duplicate either a RapidSketch or Apex sketch where it would only copy the JPG file and not the respective sketch file.
  • Temporarily took out an exception handler in the Done event when using RapidSketch in order to receive a bug report along with the error message should one occur.
  • Restarting bullet numbering in the auto summary will better follow bullet numbering restarting norms. In other words, bullet numbering was being restarted whenever a non-numbered paragraph preceded the new numbered paragraph, but should have only restarted it if a non-empty and non-numbered paragraph preceded it.
  • Added the ability to auto-create a service fee based on the fee total from an ISN inspection lookup.
  • Now when either the <$ChapterCaption> or the <$TopicCaption> is used, such as when auto creating headings for the summary, the PDF report will make these hyperlinks that when clicked will take you to the respective chapter or topic that it references.
  • The toolbar button to toggle a topic as complete or not will now reflect the state of the topic. (down state=complete, up state=not complete).
  • Added an alternate remote support tool option which uses Zoho Assist.
  • Improved Browse Window loading speed.
  • Added a Show/Hide option for the Balance column in the Browse Reports dialog. Hiding the balance column can significantly speed up the loading of the Browse Window if you have a high number of reports.
  • Added an AutoSave option. File > Enable AutoSave
  • Changed the minimum initial dimensions of image drawing tools like arrows, boxes, etc from 64x64 to 16x16. This will allow resized objects smaller than 64x64 to use those same dimensions for the next insertion of that object (with a minimum of 16x16 to still provide for the grabbing of the sizing handles).
  • Added a number of additional ImageObjects available within the Image Editor.
  • Added a %(hyphen/dash) tag to the available report numbering tags.
  • Added a new option to the Formatting Wizard for stylesheets in order to be able to delete them.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a PDF creation issue: When creating a PDF and you first selected the page range option but then changed back to select the All Pages option, it would still create the PDF using the page range you may have specified.
  • Fixed a problem with the main editor toolbar button that deletes selected text. It was not signaling that a change had been made to the topic.
  • Fixed a problem backing up multiple reports and not tallying the picklists used in each specific report. If an individual report was then restored from that multiple report backup, it potentially would not restore a referenced picklist.
  • Corrected bug reporting to use the new email server since the old server is no longer available.
  • Changed how the checkbox character configuration is saved into the registry to compensate for a Windows Chinese character package installation issue.
  • Fixed a spacing issue between a linked text section and the next linked text heading.
  • Fixed a bullet continuation issue pulled from linked text when resolving the $LinkedText tag (such as in a summary).
  • Added the ability to separately backup and restore Picklists using the Data Manager.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a numbered bullet restart issue in the autosummary creation.
  • Fixed client lookup when there is only one result after a filtered search.
  • Fixed watermark insertion when using an encryption license.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a chapter/topic spacing issue introduced in 1.25.b9.
  • Made the menu text for image position settings consistent on all image popup menus
  • Added a new preference to confirm when changing image wrap style
  • Added a top alignment change when resetting all panels to original state to force the checkbox splitter bar to be below the checkbox panel.
  • When changing a paragraph's border, the width setting is now shown in Twips rather than Point sizes for a more refined and accurate adjustment.
  • Now remembers the last path used to output a report as an RTF file. It will also now use a default RTF file name based on the report number.
  • When printing to RTF, it now embeds images into the RTF file instead of retaining the linked version of the image.
  • A limited TOC is now also output when printing to RTF/HTML.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for a list index out of bounds error when building the RapidRemarks list under certain conditions
  • Tweaked the zip compression tool to cleanup any leftover temp files which might occur if there was an error or other interruption during compression.
  • Fixed a problem restoring a report/template that has a PDF document node which might then fail to fully have it be seen as a PDF document node.
  • Fixed a problem with PDF Printing when the report has a PDF Document placeholder but a selected page range did not include the PDF Document placeholder page.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera folder monitor processes a single image file having the jpeg extension but then cannot insert the thumbnail, reporting the jpeg file is missing.
  • Fixed an issue modifying a PDF chapter or PDF Topic in the Report View Manager which could cause it to lose its associated PDF Layout.
  • Corrected an issue when printing to RTF in regards to bookmarks which was causing unexpected characters to show up in the output, like commas and periods.
  • Added logic to restrict report browsing to only the registered inspector if the license had that restriction.
  • Added the ability to configure the [Func] tablet toolbar button using a right click to make it a single function button (like it was prior to 1.24.A) or a popup button to select one of many functions which had been introduced in 1.24.A.
  • Added a new "Tables" tab in the Preferences dialog in order to accommodate a new feature which adds the ability to automatically remove empty table rows.
  • Added a new option for the image panel which can toggle between viewing as thumbnails vs viewing as filenames only. When list filenames only, you can open the image viewer to get a view of the image you have selected.
  • Added a Tab button to the Tablet toolbar.
  • Enhanced the Paragraph Border dialog to allow additional border colors.
  • Added additional table right-click options to main editor: Insert Row Above, Split Table, Combine Table
  • Now when editing in Text Mode (vs Page Mode), page gaps caused by various Report Generation Settings such as not splitting tables between pages etc will no longer show up which was causing confusing spacing gaps.
  • Added a new feature to the Formatting Wizard. Changed Set Paragraph Spacing tab to Set Paragraph Format and added Alignment setting to the set of options on that page.
  • Added new Image Preferences option when adding an image to a table cell to include the ability to scale to fit the table cell.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some minor issues with the Inspector Info dialog.
  • Fixed a problem with watermarks not printing.
  • Corrected a conflict with the keyboard shortcut for switching to Tablet personality, so they are now [Shift]+[Ctrl]+T and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+D to switch between Tablet and Desktop, respectively.
  • Corrected the auto-delete of an empty paragraph after cloaked text was suppressed within nested cloaked text.
  • Possible fix for an IsAltGRPressed access violation when multiple Windows keyboard layouts were configured and then removed.
  • Enhanced the InterNACHI import tool to be able to specify a root folder to import all files in all subdirectories under that root folder. Also tweaked some import logic to handle inconsistencies of the narrative formatting found in some of the files.
  • No longer backs up the thumbnail cache when backing up individual reports (thumbnail cache can be quite large and gets recreated as needed anyway)
  • Added logical sorting, so that 10.A, 1.A, 2.A is sorted logically as 1.A, 2.A, 10.A instead of alphabetically as 1.A, 10.A, 2.A in most places that sort filenames and directory names, such as the image panel and various importing tools.
  • Added a new option when printing the report as a worksheet: Show cloaked items as uncloaked in the worksheet.
  • Now includes ImageEditLite 1.6.A in the install so that images can be annotated outside of WhisperReporter.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem being able to include RTF or PDF files that have parentheses in the filename.
  • Fixed a problem with live spell refreshing after removing the linked text attribute.
  • Fixed a bug restoring chapters and topics that currently exist which could cause them not to appear in the respective Report View.
  • Added a new tool which can import the InterNACHI Narratives based on the 2015 publication
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue on some installs where the Thumbnails cache database cannot be created.
  • Added Thumbnail caching which will speed up report loading and image panel updates significantly once cached.
  • Added a new audit option to report that at least one but not all service fees or payment amounts were referenced in the report. This is in case you have an invoice set up to show fewer services or payments than you actually had.
  • Changed the tablet's F2 toolbar button to a Func button which will popup some frequently used function keys. Currently just F2, Shift-F2 and F11.
  • Added an Image refresh button on the image panel toolbar.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a CheckLoadLib access violation when exiting WhisperReporter, introduced in 1.23.A.
  • Now forces the PDFCreated dialog to the front after an email attempt.
  • Fix for linking of linked text and a topic heading was used that included a $comment tag.
  • Fixed two issues when using a linked text item layout: 1) it was always trimming trailing blank lines in the item layout instead of honoring the preference setting, and 2) linked text topic headings might not have started on a new line when linked text items used a layout.
  • Fixed a problem using the Client Manager on a new report to select an existing client. It would cause the City to be cleared out if the previous report's city was the same as the city of the client being assigned to the new report. The zipcode could also be cleared out if the client record was then saved due to the "change" in the city due to it being empty.
  • Linked text tags can now be either <$LinkedText:xxx> or <$Linked Text:xxx> (with a space). The spellchecker can prompt to add a space between the two words if $LinkedText hadn't previously been added to the dictionary, and as such the inspector could accidentally have the spellchecker replace the tag, rendering the tag ineffective.
  • Updated the Formatting Wizard for Linked Text to allow it to add a qualifier to any text marked as linked but which does not have a qualifier due to a previous bug.
  • Updated the Formatting Wizard for Linked Text to handle multiple qualifiers.
  • Now upon a restart of WhisperReporter, it remembers if you were viewing extended paragraph attributes in the previous session.
  • Added back in the feature to be able to link linked text, introduced in 1.21.A but removed in 1.22.C due to various issues now resolved by using a different implementation.
  • Added a [Reset To Default Settings] button in the Image Border dialog.
  • Added an image object list to the Image Editor with some sample images that can be added to an image, like a Play button.
  • Added the ability to select which installed email client to use: Setup > Select Email Client
Bug Fixes
  • Tweak to how it defaults the checkbox for: Client address is same as Property address. It was defaulting to checked for new reports (due to a change in 1.22.D).
  • Fixed a default font size issue for any empty paragraph following a table within a comment. If the empty paragraph following a table was not manually set to a specific font size, it would revert to a point size of 11 instead of the configured default font size when the comment was saved and reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue selecting a default Link Type
  • Fixed an access violation if a report's inspector info had not been loaded.
  • Removed the annoying prompt as to whether or not to remember the setting for future reports whenever toggling the checkbox for: Client address is same as Property address. This auto-selection setting can potentially result in undesired behavior when creating new reports.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a cover page watermark issue introduced in the 1.21 series of releases.
  • Fixed an issue where the first topic in a linked-text summary might generate an extra blank line (introduced in 1.21 release series) and cleaned up some other minor long standing linked text issues.
  • For now, we've removed the linking of linked text feature that was added in 1.21.A. This was causing all the issues since then inclulding the previous release. This fixes an issue with the summary introduced in 1.22.B.
  • Fixed a page numbering problem if a TOC was more than 2 pages and was not in the first root chapter.
  • Fixed a bug in processing of the new linking of linked text which has been causing odd report generation issues over the last few releases since 1.21.A.
  • Added a new attribute option for picklist items. You can now have subsequent picklists be automatically selected based on a picklist selection by using ">>" in your picklist item. For example, if I have a picklist with an item of One>>Small, then "One" will be the text result for that picklist selection, and if other picklists in the same paragraph contain an item of "Small", then each of those will be automatically selected as well. You can have more than one subsequent picklist selected by using multiple >>, for example: One>>Small>>Container.
  • Improved report generation speed.
  • Added a Balance column to the browse reports window, and a new right-click option to be able to mark the report as paid without having to open the report.
  • Added new tag for numbered day of month: <$Date:Date>
  • Revamped the ClientManager (invoked from the client Lookup button) to use a grid view showing more info per client in the list. You can also filter the list on any of the columns, including sorting by column.
  • You can now modify the client details in the Client Manager.
  • Added the ability to delete all unused clients left over from deleted reports using the Client Manager.
  • You can now lock/unlock multiple selected reports at one time using the Browse Reports dialog.
  • Added new tags to be able to specify to use the address State/Province as entered, as an abbreviation or as the long name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a page numbering problem if a manual page eject had been inserted in just the right place.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause first text in a report not to be centered.
  • Corrected a watermark issue where all watermarks might not print. Problem introduced in the previous release, 1.21.D
  • Corrected page numbering problem when no cover page is printed (problem introduced in 1.21.A)
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.21.A which could cause an image to not show up in the generated report.
  • Fixed a problem where images from a report being restored would not be restored when replacing or merging a report that already exists.
  • Included an update to the PDF processing DLL which prevents a hang condition when merging in some full PDF files
  • Fixed a display issue when inserting a new PDF placeholder for the first time: the PDF Layout and PDF Topic comment might not be shown until you reload the Report View Manager.
  • Added a new option to the Checkbox Manager to consolidate duplicate checkboxes that may have been added due to a restore issue in earlier versions.
  • Added the ability to include full PDF documents into a WhisperReporter PDF generated report.
  • Added a new [Export all Agents to XLS file] button to the Read Estate Agent Manager.
  • Added a new [Export all Companies to XLS file] button to the Read Estate Company Manager.
  • Client lookup now includes a filter and shows all of the client details
  • You can now mark a linked text tag as linked text and it will resolve. For example, if A is marked as linked text and B is both the tag that pulls in A and itself is linked text, then if C is the tag that pulls in B, it will now pull in the resolved B rather than the linked text tag that was B.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed page numbers when starting a new chapter that started on a new page and the previous chapter ended with a blank page that would have been automatically trimmed off to prevent the illusion of a double page break.
  • Fixed a problem where the linked text would not be printed when using the option to suppress linked text headings and a linked text topic heading had been defined.
  • Fixed attributes of linked text prefixing (numbers or symbols)
  • Fixed a problem where it would not retain the last company selected in the Company Info dialog.
  • Firebird version only: Fixed a problem listing fees/services not assigned to a specific report.
  • Fixed a problem sending email to support from the Help menu if your client email provider was Outlook.
  • Fixed a restore issue that could cause duplicate checkboxes and checkbox groups to be added.
  • Fixed an access violation and index out of bounds error if there is a linkedText tag within linked text.
  • Potential fix for an access violation that can occur using the ALT key on the right side of the keyboard after adding and removing a Windows keyboard layout.
  • Fixed an access violation when setting link text (introduced in 1.20.A)
  • Now once again the linked text qualifier will default to "<all>" when not in multi-select mode and a qualifier was not previously selected
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by the new multi-select LinkText dropdown which can cause errors when loading the dropdown.
  • Added a new Image Panel pop-up menu option which provides a quick way to duplicate the selected image.
  • Added a new Grid object for the Image Editor.
  • Added Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustments to the image editor.
  • Added additional text options to the image editor to allow a background color or an outline color selection to help make the text stand out better on multi-color images.
  • Added the ability to retain Real Estate data and Services selected when creating a report from another report.
  • Now if the report has to be associated with an ISN lookup (based on license), the Property and Client info will not be able to be modified since it will have been populated from the ISN data.
  • One or more of the ISN credentials can now be provided from within the license file for ease of deployment.
  • Now linked text can optionally have multiple qualifiers which allows a report to reference the same linked text for use in multiple places in the report possibly for different purposes. For example, you might marked some parts of report for inclusion in a Code Violation section as well as in a Repair List section.
  • Added User Bookmarking feature with an additional option of including them in the main Table of Contents and/or in a separate TOC just for those user bookmarks. Right click the comment area or an image and select to insert a user bookmark. It will prompt you to enter the description that will appear in the TOC.
  • Added a new tag for inspector initials
  • Now you can specify up to 10 license/certification entries and access them individually with their respective tags.
Bug Fixes
  • Now limits an images's presented size to be no larger than will fit within the page margins, including header and footer. This will help prevent images from going past a page margin or being pushed to the next page due to the height greater than what would fit into the page margins based on a blank page (taking into account margins etc).
  • Fixed the reindexing function which could cause it to appear that reports were suddenly missing
  • Added a new preference "Defer manual page break" which will defer a manually inserted page break if it is on the last blank line of a topic comment. The default is true but can be turned off in Preferences > Misc tab which will make the report generation behave as in the past. This new option is to help prevent the new page from starting the new page with a blank line that was remaining from the new page paragraph. It will also prevent a blank page in some layout configurations.
Bug Fixes
  • Reverted an accidental modification of the popup menu for tablet kbd selection in 1.19.C
  • Fixed a page break issue introduced in 1.17.d7 that can cause an extra blank page.
  • Added an option to the Load PDF Page as Image feature to use or ignore the image border setting when inserting a PDF image.
  • Added a Service Fee / Discount cleanup tool that makes it easy to remove selected unused fees and discounts.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected image rotation bug introduced in 1.17.A (rotation was reversed).
  • Spellcheck will now also spellcheck text fields in forms like the WDI form.
  • Corrected an issue which would not always honor the trim trailing blank lines from a topic option.
  • Corrected an issue introduced in 1.16.I that could cause the last bullet item in linked text to not have the bullet attribute.
  • Fixed an problem making changes to inspector info and then attempting renaming it without applying changes first.
  • Reverted the inter-topic spacing issue fix introduced in 1.19.A (was not the correct fix)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a premature license expiration issue
  • Added a new feature to insert a PDF page as an image. Right click within the topic comment and select "Insert PDF Page as Image".
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a spacing increase issue between topics introduced in 1.18.A
  • The Services/Fee list now sizes based on the main form height/width.
  • When resolving $Caption, $ChapterCaption and $TopicCaption tags within linked text, they will now refer to the source from where the linked text is pulled from rather than relative to where the tag resides.
  • Added support for importing InterSpec comments / issues
  • Added a new feature which allows a new Report View to be created from an XML template file.
  • You can now choose between two different image browsers, the original standard Windows file browser or the one introduced with 1.17.A. �Use Setup > Image Browser to select the one you prefer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a Formatting Wizard problem where you could not remove a styesheet attribute such as bold, italic or underline.
  • Tweaked the RTF RapidRemark import so that it won't include the description line in the body under most circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem generating a report a second time in the same print session after changing some print options and the report had linked text.
  • Fixed an error trying to rename a Checkbox Group.
  • Corrected a Service/Fee ordering issue when unchecking a service/fee (was not always returning the service/fee to its original position in the list).
  • A change in how WhisperReporter re-opens the folder containing the last image inserted. In some rare cases, an error could occur if the last image path was invalid.
  • Corrected several minor memory leaks including a more significant one introduced in 1.17.A which was caused by inserting single images using the Insert Image toolbar button.
  • Integrated with new Help and User Guide
Bug Fixes
  • Some minor tweaks
  • The new Image browser introduced in 1.17.A can now be resized.
  • Added a new style sheet manipulation option to the Formatting Wizard. WhisperReporter does not currently fully support style sheets, however, copying text from Microsoft Word, web pages or other sources might contain style sheet information that cannot be edited once pasted into WhisperReporter. In order to be able to change various style sheet settings, we added this option in the formatting wizard.
  • Formatting Wizard can now be applied to all topics in the selected chapter or the top level book in the currently opened report or template.
  • The two WhisperReporter built in camera tool selections will no longer suspend the image folder monitoring when the tool is closed. This is now consistent with the Microsoft camera selection.
  • Improved Inspector ID consolidation tool, including the ability to delete an inspector option and to choose between the local or connected database.
  • Added an F2 button (RapidRemark AutoPaste) to the tablet toolbar
  • Now you can select multiple reports in the Browse window in order to delete multiple reports at one time or to change report ownership for multiple reports at one time.
  • Now the DEL key can be used to delete the selected object in the image editor.
  • Added a new feature to the Picklist construction for Comma: Last Separator. If specified, it will use this separator for the final selection. For example, if you specify a separator of a comma with a last separator as " and ", you will construct: "one and two" if only two items were selected; and "one, two and three" if three items were selected.
Bug Fixes
  • Report ownership now references the license-unique inspector ID instead of referencing the installation-unique Inspector ID.
  • The Image Editor can now rotate certain JPG images that have meta data that previously prevented rotation.
  • Integrated a new image browser which fixes the standard browser's image preview problem.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem moving floating images introduced in 1.16.J
  • Added a new option to the Merge Two Reports option in the Data Manager which allows the choice to copy only used images (previous behavior) or copy all images (new behavior).
  • Now you can turn on/off toolbar buttons by selecting the options drop down to the far right of a toolbar group.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a Range Check issue with Print Preview and tables under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a cursor jump issue which could cause the topic you are working on to suddenly jump to another spot in the topic than expected on a mouse click. Usually occurred when the mouse cursor changed to a finger pointer when not actually hovering over an image; however, clicking would then take you to the image it thought it was hovering over.
  • Corrected an issue with the <$TopicComment> tag if used in a layout instead of the more appropriate <$Caption> tag.
  • Added a new option in the Print dialog: Show Line Break Attributes in Print Preview.
  • New dialog if a duplicate image is found during loading of images which will allow you to abort or choose the same decision for all remaining images being loaded.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem which caused the ending signature lines of the Texas WDI report (or any report that ended with non-text items) to not show up when printed.
  • Fixed a problem which would add extra blank lines between Linked Text that could cause a blank page to be printed ahead of an intended new page.
  • Fixed a problem while loading images into the database: an image thumbnail would be duplicated temporarily if it had already existed and you selected to overwrite it
  • Now if outputting as HTML, any headers and footers will automatically be removed since there is no real browser support for them and as such it was causing all headers and footers for each chapter to be bunched together at the top and bottom of the single HTML page.
  • Now if outputting as HTML, the Table of Contents will be suppressed since the TOC link clicking is not yet supported.
  • Integrated with an updated bug reporting tool, version
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem deleting the last Inspection Fee which would cause an index out of range error.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue introduced with the new bug reporting tool which would generate bug reports for non-error issues.
  • Added additional backup file validation during the restoring of reports.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem when backing up individual reports where the client and services would not be backed up under certain circumstances.
  • Disabled the memory manager added by the new bug reporting tool introduced in 1.16.E. This appears to have been causing exception errors on exit, leaving some forms in memory.
  • Added a database reindexing feature under the File menu. This can improve performance and repair any corrupted indexes.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting tool, version 7.5.0
Bug Fixes
  • Due to a hosting provider change, we've had to update the settings used for the checking of new updates and for the submission of bug reports
Bug Fixes
  • Corrects the problem where the Windows Metro Camera application could not be launched from within WhisperReporter after
  • Added the following new items available for Export using the Data Manager: LastPaymentAmount, LastPaymentType, and Report notes for: Property, Fees/Payments, Client Details, Real Estate Agents and Title Company.
  • Added a search capability to the Browse Reports dialog.
  • When creating a PDF and saving it to the vault, you can now elect to make a database backup of the report and save it to the vault as well. The two files will have the same name, but the database backup file will have a .zip extension.
  • Improved Service Fee/Discount selection and ordering, including new right click popup to sort alphabetically or refresh the list. Refreshing the list (or moving focus away from the services list) will order the list by placing the checked items at the top.
  • Now you can set a default inspection time rather than having it default to the current time. Useful if you tend to do inspections at a particular time of day. Note however, that if you use Inspection Support Network, the time will still be set to the time obtained from the selected inspection from ISN rather then your setting for the default time.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the aspect ratio of an image inserted into or updated existing image width on a landscape page.
  • Fixed reading the version date stamp during Check For Updates for non-US installations which have date stamps for templates and RapidRemarks (i.e. where month and date is dd/mm/yyyy rather than mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Formatting Wizard: Added an option to change a Linked Text Tag's prefixing/numbering attribute.
  • Report Numbering: Added a new tag for Client Company Name, %C
  • Added a new Import tool that can import an RTF based AutoText file from AHit InspectIt.
  • After restoring a single report, you will be prompted about whether you would like to open that report or not.
  • Added back in the ability to use dots between the Chapter/Topic and page number in the TOC as an option (see Preferences > Table Of Contents). It was removed in 1.12.C because some PDF renderers would extended the dots past the page number; however, in many cases it should work fine so it was added back in at an inspector's request.
  • Added a new tag for the email body: <ClientFName> which inserts the client's first name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem during a DatabaseSync if it runs into an orphaned Report View Folder (the Report View it was a part of is no longer found).
  • Now limits the length of text that can be entered for a Picklist Description to 100 chars to prevent a SQL write truncation error report.
  • Added a fix that helps prevent styles pasted from Word or elsewhere from causing indeterminate results.
  • Fixed a problem attempting to undo a checkbox toggle when in field edit mode (it had been erasing the checkbox on an undo). In order to fix it, we had to prevent undo of a checkbox toggle which is now the same behavior as it has been in a non-field edit mode topic.
  • Fixed an issue where linked text was not honoring the setting to restart bullet numbering if the linked text was using a topic heading that included the <$comment> tag.
  • Fixed a problem when using an encryption license and you switch to an inspector that had a non-encryption license. The encryption would still be in effect had the non-encryption license been an older license file that did not contain that information.
  • Added drag-n-drop image replacement. Now when dragging an image from the image panel, an existing image in the comment can become selected for replacement. If you drop the image when an existing image is selected, it will replace the existing one.
  • Added a new option when creating a new report which will allow you to retain the topic comment modified state as they were in the report or template the new report is being based on. Previously, all topics were always reset to unmodified.
  • Added a new menu item to align images that are relative to the paragraph. Select an image and then right click to select "Align Relative Positioned Image To > Left/Right margin or Left/Right Indent. You can also select an image and use Ctrl+CursorLeft, Ctrl+CursorRight, Ctrl+Shift+CursorLeft or Ctrl+Shift+CursorRight to align the image to the left margin, right margin, left indent and right indent, respectively. You can also Ctrl+CursorUp to home the image to the top of the paragraph.
  • For floating images (those relative to a paragraph), added an "Auto Snap" feature (right click an image to select this feature). If auto-snap is enabled, and one of these images is moved to the left, it will auto-snap to the left margin or indent (as specified). Likewise, if one of these images is moved to the right, it will auto-snap to the right margin/indent. Also, when adding a new image to the topic the image will auto-snap to the margin/indent that was used on the previous floating image.
  • Added a new feature to the Formatting Wizard which 1) allows the Qualifier of any linked text to be changed from one Qualifier to another, and 2) allows for removal of link text tags having a specific qualifier.
  • Main editor toolbar now launches the Insert Table dialog instead of the short-hand version.
  • For the main editor, using F11 will still set the paragraph or selected text as linked text using the same setting as previously used during the session; however, it will also apply the setting selected as to whether or not to skip prefixing when prefixing is in effect. Also added is the shift+F11 which will set the paragraph or selected text as linked text and include the attribute to skip prefixing to the linked text whether or not that was last set in the Linked Text dialog (the dialog setting will not be affected when using shift+F11).
  • When inserting a linked text tag, you can now specify to not apply headings and layouts for that tag.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.15.A which prevented WhisperReporter from launching under Windows XP.
  • The new toolbar was not setting the modified status for the following changes: Font, Font size, text color, text background color, paragraph color.
  • Fixed a problem introduced introduced in 1.15.A where "Keep with next" and "Don't split between pages" would set all paragraphs in the topic if nothing was selected rather than just the current paragraph.
  • Corrected a problem with image scaling when the page orientation was landscape. The editor was computing the wrong maximum width.
  • Corrected two problems when using enhanced picklists (those that use the ^ symbol to load a RapidRemark from a picklist). The first was that it was ignoring the RapidRemark lookup setting and always using the "Match Start" lookup method even if the setting was "Match Anywhere" in the description. The other was that the Undo after selecting an enhanced picklist would require two undos instead of just the one in order to get the picklist back again if the wrong enhanced picklist item had been selected.
  • When browsing reports and filtering by inspector, it will also match reports by inspector name not just by ID to cover those situations where a single inspector may have been assigned multiple IDs.
  • Insert Table dialog was not properly aligning and sizing the table when selecting Center or Right with less than 100% width.
  • Now formulas will display the result using thousands separator: 10,000.00 instead of 10000.00.
  • Custom tags (field references from the General Report Information > Other page), can now be used in Chapter and Topic captions. For example, if you have a custom field named "Type", you can use <$Custom:Type> in a chapter or topic caption. When the report is generated, the chapter or topic heading that contains that tag will have the tag replaced with the value you entered for that field. The TOC will also reflect this value.
  • If a non-calculated fee/discount is created with a value of $0.00, you will be prompted to enter a value when it is selected for use in a report. When a value is entered, it will create a new service for the current report only using the value entered.
  • The tablet buttons in the button bar shown when using the Tablet personality are now centered instead of left justified.
  • Locked text changes: 1) You can no longer delete locked text by first selecting it and then hitting delete, and 2) you can no longer unlock locked text unless you are the licensed owner rather than an employee. Also, even if you are a licensed owner, you cannot lock or unlock text in a report (non-template) unless you also enable the Allow lock/unlock option under the Edit menu.
  • Selected fees/discounts are now automatically moved to the top of the list.
  • Report backups will now backup all services not assigned to specific reports so that unused services will still be propagated to other installations and not have to be created separately by each inspector, such as when distributing templates for example.
  • Now remembers the last Image Position Mode used so that new images added will also be set to that position mode.
  • Reports automatically saved to the Report Vault when printed to PDF will be placed into the folder specified without first creating a new subfolder that had a cryptic name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where it would not see that a change was made when right clicking a selected image and using "Remove Image From Comment".
  • Fixed a problem which would cause the topic's text cursor position to move to the home position if either a collapsed toolbar is expanded or if the same topic was selected in the navigation panel.
  • Fixed a problem launching either of the WhisperReporter Camera tools on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
  • In tablet mode, fixed a problem launching the original Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard when running on a 64bit version of Windows.
  • "Keep With Next Paragraph" and "Don't Split Between Pages" will now apply the attribute to not only the active paragraph but also to all selected paragraphs.
  • Now RapidSketch insertion honors the default image width when inserting a RapidSketch sketch into a topic comment.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced with 1.14.A which caused Apex v4 or v5 sketching tool to generate a exception error when loading.
  • Fixed various scaling issues when Reporter is used on a high DPI platform like a Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Integrated a new toolbar with sizeable icons and dragable sections. Each toolbar section has a grip to its left indicated by a column of dots. You can use this grip to drag that section to a different area of the toolbar. You can also right click the toolbar to select the icon size. This new toolbar is very customizable as to what we can do, so any feedback is welcome. Currently this new toolbar is only available in the main editor, but will be migrated to the other editors in future releases as we fine tune the toolbar.
  • Added improved RapidSketch support, including the ability to use it as the WDI sketching tool.
  • Added support for the newer Apex version 6 sketching software.
  • Added Hyperlink support within the Topic's Hint panel.
  • Added Picklist Color configurator.
  • Moved all color selection menu items from under the Edit menu item over to under the more appropriate Setup menu item.
  • Added a Picklist menu item to allow a value to be entered using the keyboard.
  • Added a Picklist menu item to allow the picklist to be empty (hidden in the generated report). This basically allows for the picklist to be marked as selected but with no value.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem with the Topic Checkboxes (blue area above the editor toolbar) becoming hidden on high resolution tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Integrated with an updated SQL database engine, version
  • Added the ability to unlink client and/or property data from other reports had you previously retained this data when creating a new report (an "Unlink" button will appear in the client and/or property edit area to indicate it is linked and not unique to this one report). Also clarified what happens when you retain client and/or property data when creating a new report.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would link client and/or property data with another report if the info entered matched existing client or property data, respectively. Changing the data would then change the same data in the linked client or property of other reports, which was probably not intended.
  • In the RapidRemark Manager, fixed a problem enabling the new Sort option from 1.13.F for top level RapidRemark folders.
  • Fixed a problem merging two reports that contain encrypted data.
  • Added a new line spacing option to the Formatting Wizard's Set Paragraph Spacing section (and overhauled the overall User interface since it was getting too big to fit on some screens)
  • Added a Sort option to the RapidRemark manager. Right click a folder node and select "Sort RapidRemarks" to alphabetically sort the RapidRemarks in that folder and any child folders. Only RapidRemarks are sorted, the folder order remains intact.
  • You can now toggle a paragraph bullet on/off using the F10 key (or Edit > Toggle Bullet) in the main editor. This will toggle a standard bullet on/off. Note: It can have undesirable indentation effects if used on a numbered bullet.
  • Added a new Picklist popup alignment option in the Picklist Manager dialog where you can choose one of three choices: to popup the picklist as usual (under the picklist), the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The configuration of the ISN Domain is now a dropdown selection with the option of manually entering an alternate domain provided by ISN.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem updating the database with new fields when upgrading from a version earlier than 1.11.A
  • Now supports the Metro Camera app for Windows 10
  • Corrected the WhisperReporter Camera Tool (Microsoft Media Foundations API) to no longer flip the image horizontally (mirrored image).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with cloaked bullets
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where changing data in the General Report Information while the print preview is being shown will not update the preview with the new information.
  • Fixed two Range Error bugs
  • Fixed a problem when cloakable text was the only thing in a table cell. If cloaked, the table cell would be deleted along with the cloaked text at report generation time.
  • Added some checks to be sure the Topic Checkbox bar is visible when applicable.
  • Added image rotation to the image editor.
  • Added a "Generic Popup Touch Keyboard" choice when in Tablet Personality mode. This one will change position on the screen depending on what text area you are focused in. (right click on the Keyboard button to select one of three keyboards available)
  • Added a new Preference option under RapidRemarks tab which allows you to maintain the current font attribute that were in effect prior to pasting a RapidRemark. This allows you to revert a change made in 1.12.D where it takes on the font attributes that ended the RapidRemark insertion. In other words, you can now choose prevent the font from changing to Bold if the Rapid Remark ended with Bold and you were not using Bold prior to the RapidRemark insertion.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.13.A which prevented image access and insertion when connected to a remote database.
  • Help > Reset Panels to Original State now also resets Topic Checkbox panel and General Information panel.
  • Now if a topic is marked to prevent suppression, and during printing you selected to suppress a topic that had a certain checkbox checked, then the prevent suppression option will be honored even if that checkbox was checked.
  • Fixed Data Manager's Export Data function for Real Estate data where it would not export both if both were selected for export.
  • Fixed a problem with linked text when the topic comment or its linked text layout was encrypted (it wasn't decrypting the comment or layout prior to locating any linked text).
  • Fixed a problem repopulating the Checkbox Group pulldown after saving an existing checkbox group as another checkbox group.
  • Enterprise version: Fixed Firebird server image path construction when the shared folder is a subdirectory of the database path.
  • Increased the size of some of the toolbar buttons
  • Added the ability to encrypt report comments, layouts, hints and RapidRemarks to protect the intellectual property of your reports. Contact us for a license file to enable this capability. When encryption is enabled, any modifications of a comment, hint, layout or RapidRemark will become encrypted. You also can pre-encrypt reports (and related comments, layouts and hints) and/or RapidRemarks using a popup menu selection. In the browse reports window, right click on a report to encrypt the selected one or all reports. In the RapidRemark Manager, select a folder and right click to encrypt all the RapidRemarks in that folder and its child folders.
  • When syncing databases, you now have the option to sync all reports, not just reports that have the same inspector ID as the active inspector.
  • New license files now are stamped with an inspector ID that will be used in all WhisperReporter installs using the same license file. This will prevent the same inspector from having different inspector IDs on different PCs, which confuses database sync'ing as to who owns which reports.
  • Added a new option to be able to confirm the import of images as scaled or unscaled. This option can be found under Setup > Preferences > Misc tab > Image Import
  • Added a new option under the Preferences > Misc tab to once again allow the legacy image importer which allows report editing while images are being imported, but on some PCs it had the potential of causing some images to not have the configured border. If this option is not selected, images will still load in the background but has a significantly larger impact of not allowing responsive editing during the import. We are still looking at alternatives to allow a background image loading without impacting report editing.
Bug Fixes
  • Reverted a change in version 1.12.D which highlighted any checked topic checkboxes. If you had set the Windows display to anything but small (normal), the checkboxes would not render the vertical text spacing properly. So for now, we reverted that change.
  • Fix for Database Sync feature which did not always recognize that a table needed to be syncronized.
  • Fix for a topic's "always start on a new page" option was being ignored.
  • Added a new option to the camera setup to delay WhisperReporter from accessing the captured image until it is at least x seconds old. �Theoretically, WhisperReporter could try to grab an image file before the camera application was finished with it.
  • Now attributes will be updated to reflect a RapidRemark insertion. In other words, if you insert a RapidRemark that ends with bold text, typing immediately after the insertion (without moving the text cursor) will also be bold instead of having the attributes that were in effect before the RR insertion.
  • When in tablet mode, you can now select the pop up keyboard to be either the original Microsoft On Screen Keyboard, or the newer Tablet Touch Keyboard (if available). Simply right click on the Keyboard toolbar button in the lower tablet bar and select the desired keyboard to use whenever the Keyboard toolbar button is clicked.
  • When in tablet mode, clicking the AutoPaste toolbar button (left-most button in the toolbar above the RapidRemarks) will automatically open the keyboard if the dialog opens up to enter search values. (this dialog opens up only if the text cursor was not on a word)
  • Added cursor movement keys to the Tablet toolbar.
  • When backing up the current report, you now have the option to default the filename to use either the Report Number or Property Address.
  • Added an option when creating a new report to designate it as a template (only available if creating a Static/Manual report number). This saves time by not having to remember to designate as such after the report has been created.
  • Now when a Topic Checkbox (if any) is selected, it will be highlighted to improve visibility. (Topic checkboxes are in the blue area above the comment ruler, which is not present if there are no topic checkboxes)
  • Now certain fee tags can include a formula: Total Amount <$Fee:Total>, Tax Amount <$Fee:Tax>, Balance <$Fee:Balance> and Sub Total <$Subtotal>. Examples: <$Fee:Total*0.25>, <$Subtotal/2+1.00>
  • Added a new camera option. There are now two built in camera tools, the legacy version which uses Microsoft's older DirectDraw API, and a new one that uses the new Microsoft Media Foundation API. The legacy version did not always have access to all camera resolutions available, but hopefully the new Media Foundation API will.
  • Now includes a Torch toggle utility to turn on the camera's LED light, invoked from either of the WhisperCAM camera tools.
  • Added a camera option to be able to select the Windows Metro camera app as your camera tool.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a bug introduced in 1.12.B which could cause the TOC Chapter/Topic names to go missing (only showing the page numbers)
  • A TOC in the PDF generated report can sometimes have the dots extend past the page numbers, yet looks fine in Print Preview. To get around this bug in the PDF generator, we've turned off the dot generation that separated the Chapter/Topic from its page number.
  • Formatting Wizard dialog is now sizable for use on sytems with lower resolution screens.
  • Added the Quick Support Tool to the install. Invoke by using "Help > Launch Quick Support Access Tool"
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an issue where sometimes cloakable text and hyperlinks may insert extra spacing surrounding the text in the PDF file (but not in Print Preview).
  • Corrected a problem where an error would appear asking you to insert a disk into a non-existent drive.
  • Fixed a problem where Chapters and Topics might not align vertically.
  • Added a horizontal scrollbar to the Picklist Manager items section to more easily view long lines.
  • Added a HomeGauge Template Comment import tool to import as Picklists and RapidRemarks.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem where the image panel appears to be no longer functional, and a refresh of the image panel loses almost all of the thumbnails. This would occur if saving a new RapidRemark from a comment selection that had an image in it. The Thumbnail panel would only see the images addded to the new RapidRemark until you either restarted WhsiperReporter, or reloaded the report.
  • If you are using the option "Trim trailing blank lines in topics" and you have manually inserted a page break at the end of a topic to force a page eject for the next topic, it will no longer trim off that new page marker.
  • Added missing tag support for the Website entries for: Company, Title Company, Builder, Real Estate Companies.
  • Added the ability to set the background color of the Report View and Work View navigation panels.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Copy/Paste for some fields such as phone number fields.
  • Fixed a problem inserting a RapidRemark into an empty topic comment and you have WhisperReporter configured to automatically insert a new paragraph after the RR has been inserted. This would cause blank lines to be inserted at the beginning of the topic comment ahead of the RapidRemark.
  • Fixed a problem replacing individual occurrences of a word when replacing in all topics. A click of Replace instead of Replace All would not always set the modified condition and would not save the change when moving to another topic.
  • Fixed a problem in the Formatting Wizard which would not set empty paragraphs to the selected font on a font change operation.
  • Fixed a problem loading older versions of Apex sketching software such as Apex Medina v4.
  • Added a new option to be able to set the linked text underline color: Edit > Linked Text Underline Color.
  • Added a new ability to use single numbers instead of always using outline numbers when restarting on each chapter or topic. See Setup > Preferences > Linked Text Tab.
  • Added a Domain configuration option for ISN (Inspection Support Network).
  • Added a new button to the Tablet personality button bar to be able to open a full keyboard easily.
  • Now when backing up a report that contains Linked Text, it will also backup the picklist containing the link text qualifiers.
Bug Fixes
  • Import of RealEstate Company and Agent notes would not import as plain text, retaining RTF data which is not used in the notes sections in WhisperReporter but was in WhisperPI. It is now imported as plain text (While WhisperPI saved as RTF, only plain text was allowed to be input for Notes in WhisperPI anyway, so nothing will be lost when importing into WhisperReporter as plain text).
  • Fix a problem introduced recently which caused bookmarks in the PDF file to not always move the view to the respective area in the report. This was especially evident when clicking on Chapter node bookmarks. It could also fail on some topic bookmarks as well.
  • Corrected a problem where the Topic Layout Manager would insert a standard comment checkbox rather than a topic checkbox. Topic checkboxes are required when resolving various topic checkboxes its respective position in the layout.
  • Enhanced the WhisperPI template import. Instead of specifying a WhisperReporter ReportView to use as the basis to create a new template, you now select a WhisperReporter template. The benefit is that each WhisperPI comment will be appended to WhisperReporter's topic comment in order to retain any template customization that may have been required for a topic comment in the template such as the picklist to select a foundation type or Heating Type, etc.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where the WhisperPI template import would fail when trying to import a WhisperPI topic comment that has no matching WhisperReporter topic comment, such is in the case with importing a WhisperPI TREC 7-2 template into the new WhisperReporter TREC 7-3 template.
  • Added the ability to specify the location of the Report Vault. By default it uses the database, so database backups would include reports saved into the Report Vault. You can now specify a location for this ReportVault as a DropBox folder or some other cloud based drive, such as Microsoft's SkyDrive. If you recall, you can automatically save a copy of the PDF report into a ReportVault so that the last generated report will be archived in case of a catastrophic failure or legal issue where you need access to the report as given to the client. Note: When using a Report Vault other than the default, it will not be backed up when doing a full backup, so it is recommended to choose a cloud based drive location.
  • Now when using the %H tag (24-hour clock) in the Auto Report Number Generator, any use of the %t or %T tags after the %H tag will NOT output the a/A or p/P suffix char. Using the %h tag (12-hour clock) will cause the %t to output the time plus the a/A or p/P suffix char as appropriate.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an instance where additional line spacing was being added to the beginning of a comment when the report was generated.
  • Fixed a problem using the %t or %T in the Auto Report Number Generator where it would only output the a/A or p/P and leave off the minutes.
  • When creating a new 'Virgin" template, the template name entered would get replaced by an auto generated report number if auto report numbering was enabled.
  • Fixed a problem where simply draging nodes around in the Report View Manager would not update the ReportView's last modified timestamp. This could result a newer Report View not being restored to replace the older version of it. For example, making changes to the ordering of the topics or chapters on your desktop, and then restoring it onto your notebook... the new Report View would not have been restored onto the notebook unless the date stamps were different.
  • Fixed a Restore problem where it wasn't properly restoring Subtopics that were in subtopics themselves.
  • Fixed a problem constructing the navigation tree when subtopics were in subtopics.
  • The MultiSelect pickist dialog will now remember if it was previously maximized or not.
  • Added Space as a quick select for the Separator/Prefix for picklists (no need to use the Custom field to specify a space).
  • Added a popup menu to the Multi-Select Picklist dialog to be able to expand or collapse all nodes. By default all nodes are expanded, however, it will remember the last selection chosen the next time any Multi-Select picklist is invoked.
  • Added a new option when linking text: "Do not prefix/number this instance of the text being linked". When numbering or prefixing linked text items, you can now have it skip this numbering/prefixing of specific linked text items. One example of this usage is to link a subheading within your topic comment so that the subheading will not be numbered yet any items linked under that subheading will be.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed another Page Count issue
  • Fixed a problem restoring RapidRemarks when adding a duplicate folder as a new folder. The related RapidRemarks being restored were not being put into the new folder. A similar fix was implemented for restoring ReportViews and Checkboxes.
  • For improved support of copy/paste from Microsoft Word and Internet Browsers into WhisperReporter, paragraph styles will now be stripped (previously only character styles were being stripped). Hidden paragraph styles would cause odd behavior, such as bullets having different chars than expected, font sizes or other attibutes that seemly could not be changed, etc.
  • Added a new embedded Camera Tool. Instead of relying on the PC's webcam software, or trying to find what app to launch automatically within WhisperReporter, you can now configure the WhisperReporter camera functionality to use the new WhisperReporter Camera Tool instead. When the new tool is configured, a new toolbar button "Open Camera" will appear instead of the webcam icon (the webcam icon will appear when using the PC's native camera app).
  • Pre-loading images into the database is now performed in a background thread, allowing you to do other things in WhisperReporter while images are importing. Useful on slower PCs or when importing a large number of high resolution images.
  • Now prevents the dropdowns on the toolbar from becoming too narrow due to high res displays.
  • Checkbox lists will now toggle the checked box state even when clicking the text label rather than just the checkbox itself. Helpful on tablets.
  • Added Backspace, Delete and Enter buttons to the tablet bar at the bottom, visible when using the Tablet personality.
  • Added a Global RapidRemark search (Shift+F2), which searches all the RapidRemarks rather than just those for the current topic (F2).
  • Added a import tool to import templates from WhisperPI (Tools > Import Data > WhisperPI > Template). This will only import the report topics and none of the General Information sections, which includes Client details, property location, fees and real estate details. The result will be a WhisperReporter report defined as a template. Keep in mind that the import might not convert 100%, and margins might be different between the margins in WhisperPI and the Report View you select to import it into, so be sure to review and make corrections as needed.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an issue of not being able to insert other supported image types other than JPG and BMP, such as WMF.
  • Fixed a page count issue where it would have counted a blank page that had ended a report prior to it being automatically removed.
  • Fixed a Range Check error that could occur during some automatic reformatting processes.
  • Pre-loading images into the database is now performed in a background thread, allowing you to do other things in WhisperReporter while images are importing. Useful on slower PCs or when importing a large number of high resolution images.
  • Added a new embedded Camera Tool. Instead of relying on the PC's webcam software, or trying to find what app to launch automatically within WhisperReporter, you can now configure the WhisperReporter camera functionality to use the new WhisperReporter Camera Tool instead. When the new tool is configured, a new toolbar button "Open Camera" will appear instead of the webcam icon (the webcam icon will appear when using the PC's native camera app).
  • For improved support of copy/paste from Microsoft Word and Internet Browsers into WhisperReporter, paragraph styles will now be stripped (previously only character styles were being stripped). Hidden paragraph styles would cause odd behavior, such as bullets having different chars than expected, font sizes or other attibutes that seemly could not be changed, etc.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an issue of not being able to insert other supported image types other than JPG and BMP, such as WMF.
  • Added a new import tool to import Inspector Partner comments from an Excel file.
  • Added a Personality option under setup. This will allow for toggling of a few UI attributes when used in a Desktop vs Tablet environment. Currently the only changes include Nav and RR panel font sizes and the Expand/Collapse buttons which are shown for Tablet mode and hidden for Desktop mode.
  • When in Tablet personality mode, two buttons will show up below the navigation and RR panels to more easily open and close those panels. Trying to click or drag the splitter bar proved to be challenging on a tablet.
  • Added a Foward/Back navigation buttons to quickly move between previously accessed topics, similar to the way Internet Browsers work.
  • Added a new option in Preferences > Misc, Trim trailing blank lines in topics. During report generation, trailing blank lines will be trimmed from each topic as it is added.
  • UI Font change from Tahoma 8pt (WinXP recommended default) to Segoe 9pt (Vista, WIn7, WIn8 recommended default) for improved scaling.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.11.E which could generate a bug report and abort the restore when it finds a duplicate RapidRemark while restoring from a RapidRemarks backup.
  • Fixed a file extension case sensitivity issue when dragging an image directly from the Windows File Explorer into a topic comment or the image panel.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.11.E where cloaking a bulleted line would cause the bullet attribute to be applied to the line that had followed the cloaked bulleted line
  • Corrected numerous scaling issues
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.1.04
  • Add a new option in Preferences > Misc to allow the configuration of confirmation dialogs when cloaking or uncloaking cloakable text. Useful when using tablets and an active stylus which could cause cloakable text to be toggled when hovering the stylus over the screen.
  • Due to Windows 8's great wisdom, apps are not always fully closed but instead pushed to a background task until the time of its choosing to fully close it. This causes a problem when launching Reporter and its check for another instance running, and then if one was found to prompt you to switch to that instance or start a new instance. I've removed the check and it will now always start a new instance without prompting until a solution to the Windows 8 issue is found.
  • Now if nothing is selected and you click the toolbar button to make something cloakable, it will automatically select the current paragraph and mark it with the cloakable attribute. Also, clicking the cloakable toolbar button with nothing selected and the text cursor is within cloakable text, it will remove the cloakable attribute.
  • When marking cloakable text, and the selected text includes cloaked text, you will be prompted to merge them into a single cloakable text section to prevent overlapping cloakable text sections.
  • When marking or unmarking linked text or cloakable text, the text cursor will no longer be repositioned.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem when restoring reports where the client and property info would not appear in the list except for the last report in the list. This did not affect the restore, just the display of the list.
  • Corrected a limitation of the editor where under Windows 8 you could not double tap an image to launch the image editor when using a touch screen.
  • Corrected a situation which could cause a non-cloaked paragraph after a fully cloaked paragraph to not print.
  • Corrected a situation which caused a bug report if you browsed reports and deleted the current active report, then clicked the New button and cancelled that. WhisperReporter attempted to repopulate the deleted report, causing a foreign key error when referencing the missing ReportID.
  • Fixed a rare List index out of bounds (-1) error when clicking on the Topic Checkboxes and moving the mouse while the mouse button was still down: http://qc.embarcadero.com/wc/qcmain.aspx?d=19738
  • By default, RapidRemarks get inserted as formatted. Now, if the Shift key is down when the RapidRemark is being inserted, it will be inserted unformatted (text only).
  • Added a new Preference option for RapidRemarks when inserting a RapidRemark into a text field when in Field Edit Mode. By default, inserting a RapidRemark is always inserted formatted. However, when inserting a RapidRemark in Field Entry mode, this is not always desired. This new option sets the default when using a RapidRemark in a text field, inserting formatted or unformatted. Using the Shift key will temporarily toggle this option.
  • Added a new Preference option for Linked Text. You now have the option to automatically insert a blank line between each linked text item when no Linked Item layout has been specified. This was added to compensate for version 1.11.C which correctly eliminated unexpected blank lines between linked text items that users had begun to expect.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem with extra lines being inserted when compiling linked text. The extra line would appear whenever transitioning between topics.
  • Corrected a problem with dynamic report numbers incrementing a second time on report creation when there are unresolved tags and auto incrementing numbers.
  • Static/Manual report numbers will be now temporarily be considered dynamic when using any dynamic tags in the report number format. Once the unresolved tags are resolved, it will then become a static report number. This allows you to now use things like the property address in a static report number, which is not usually available at report creation time but is available once you fill out the details.
  • Now prevents "Insert Disk/Card into Drive" prompt in several places where WhisperReporter attempts to access the last known drive yet it had been a removable drive that is not currently installed.
  • Added a Refresh Views option to the right-click of the Report View navigation pop-up.
  • Improved Image Properties dialog
  • Added an option to the export to Excel file format feature to be able to add column headings.
  • Now when clicking OK to exit the layout manager, it will update the selection in the Report View Manager if the selection changed.
  • A structure sketch can now be reset using a custom image file and not just the supported sketch types. This allows for 3rd party sketching programs to be used provided they can export to one of the standard image types, such as JPG.
  • Now if the WebCam folder monitor is active (webCam toolbar button is depressed), and you are not in a topic comment or in a topic comment that is read only, the image snapshot will still be added to the database, just not added to the topic comment. Previously, the snapshot would be ignored if not on a writable topic comment, and never added to the database. This is useful when using a portable wifi camera or smartphone with auto upload to your PC (such as using DropBox for Android) to quickly take snapshots that will be automatically loaded into Reporter.
  • Image file selection now support the "jpeg" alternate file extension for JPG image files.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem restoring Reports where RE Agents, RE Companies, Properties, Clients or Services already existed but were different and you selected to Add As New instead of Replace or Skip.
  • Corrected a problem preventing a "keep with next" from being honored between multiple topic or chapter layouts with no topic comments in between.
  • Corrected a problem which could result in blank pages being inserted between topics and chapters (page breaks occurring twice instead of just once).
  • Corrected a problem with image filenames which have brackets in the name which can cause the topic to be truncated during report generation time at the point where that image occurs. Brackets in an image filename will be replaced with parentheses when loaded into the database to prevent this.
  • Corrected a problem using the export to an alternate file format in the Data Manager and exporting just builder information.
  • Corrected some issues with bullet attribute being dropped on the last paragraph of linked text (auto-summary).
  • Corrected a problem where numbered bullets might not restart for each new Linked Text section.
  • Corrected a problem where the WebCam enabled/disable button would not release (would always show depressed).
  • Corrected issues with embedded styles that can be present in formatted text brought over from Word or Websites.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem synchronizing changes in Work Views when synchronizing two databases.
  • Corrected a situation which might cause an attempt to perform a calculation on a text object that is not a formula.
  • Fixed a problem editing a Payment.
  • Fixed a problem syncing a database table where the destination table does not have all the fields in the source table (such as when syncing a newer table having new fields with an older table missing those fields.
  • Added support for importing 3D Inspection Narratives as RapidRemarks
  • Added support for importing Porter Valley InspectVue Narratives as RapidRemarks
  • Added the ability to have basic calculations. Use the new toolbar button (Summation symbol) to add a formula. Also added a popup menu to name paragraphs for ease of summing a set or range of paragraphs having the same name (primarily because this is not bound to tables but rather to paragraphs whether in a table or not, and a table cell can have more than one paragraph in it). Recalculations occur whenever saving changes to a topic or when the formula is added or updated. The above also applies to RapidRemarks. To see any paragraph names and formulas you've added, view extended paragraph attributes (click the Paragraph Attribute button twice within 2 seconds).
  • The <$TopicCaption> tag will now refer to a subtopic's parent topic caption when used in a subtopic comment. Use the <$Caption> tag to refer to its own caption in this case. Note that <$TopicCaption> is identical to the <$Caption> tag when used in a topic comment.
  • You can now create hyperlinks in both the Topic Layout and Chapter Layout managers.
  • Added additional hints that are enabled by the new menu option Help > Enabled All Popup Hints. By default this is turned on for new installs to help new users (clicking on that menu item toggles the mode).
  • When a duplicate Service, Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Company is encountered when restoring a report, you will now be prompted. Previously this could cause duplicates to be created.
  • When deleting a Real Estate Agent or Company and it is in use, it will list where it is being used.
  • Added a new menu item to allow a user to edit an image using any of the editor choices rather than having to always use the configured default image editor. Right click on a selected image and choose "Edit Image Using", then pick one of the following: Internal image editor, the editor Windows has associated with that image type, or the alternate image editor configure in Preferences. Double clicking an image will still bring up the configured image editor by default. This new menu item can be handy if there is a need to edit a sketch using a different editor than the one used to edit a photo when they are both JPG files.
  • Implemented the new IMS (Inspection Management Systems) API.
  • When adding new topics in the Work View Manager, the hint will now default to using the report view topic node's hint.
  • Added a new option in the formatting wizard to help clean up bullet attributes within topics that may have been brought over from Microsoft Word (this only applies to non-numbered bullets).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem making a copy of a Report View using "Save As" that had subtopics (the new subtopics would be orphaned... they still thought their parent topic was the old topic rather than the cloned topic).
  • Fixed problems changing the chapter of topic nodes that have subtopics, either by dragging a parent topic or by changing it using the Parent Chapter combo for the topic node. Any subtopics were being orphaned in such cases, and could cause an access violation when accessing these orphaned subtopics.
  • Using the Next/Previous Topic buttons in the navigation toolbar will also traverse subtopics.
  • Corrected a problem refreshing the current Report View after making changes to it using the Report View Manager.
  • The color picker for selecting the image border color now includes custom colors and excludes confusing system colors.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.10.A saving Real Estate company information.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.10.A dragging a root chapter in the Report View Manager.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.10.A saving image border color setting.
  • Inserting a diagram (unscaled image) will now honor the choice to add a border.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug introduced in 1.10.A Fixed Real Estate Agent data collection/assignment when creating a new report from ISN (Inspection Support Network). This bug would also create empty agent records if there wasn't an agent specified in the ISN record.
  • Added support for Subtopics
  • Overhauled Real Estate Info entry, and includes Agent/Company association.
  • Added support for dragging photos from Windows Explorer directly into the image panel or topic comment. Note: all images will be treated as photos, and as such will be scaled as configured. There is no provision to drag diagrams in this manner to prevent scaling. Also, when dragging onto a topic comment, images are inserted where the text cursor was. It is not possible to make the text cursor visible or track with the mouse pointer like can be done when dragging an image from the image panel.
  • New backup option to allow Preferences to be backed up or restored separately. Also, these Preferences are now automatically backed up and restored on a full backup or restore, respectively. Note: Preferences include the Preferences settings plus a few other settings not found under Preferences which are still considered preferences, such as locked text color, etc.
  • Added a new toolbar icon: Page Break, to insert a page break at the current cursor position (same as Ctrl+Enter).
  • Now if topic or a topic's layout contains a TOC placeholder, the topic won't be considered empty.
  • A feature added to 1.9.K is now optional as to whether to treat an unmodified topic as empty when suppressing empty topics during print generation.
  • Added a <Client> tag for use in the Email body.
  • Now you can zoom the edit window in and out by holding the CTRL key down and using the mouse wheel.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.9.I related to updating the corresponding zip code value when the option "Client address is same as Property address".
  • Corrected an access violation if using the live print preview of a report having an invoice and you save changes to services applicable to the report.
  • Corrected a problem where editing a payment would not set the modified flag to indicate the live print preview needed to be updated.
  • 1.10.B: Introduced in 1.10.A Fixed duplicate entries appearing in auto-summary (linked text).
  • 1.10.C: Introduced in 1.10.A Fixed adding/updating a topic node's topic reference in the Work View Manager.
  • 1.10.D: Introduced in 1.10.A Fixed work view checkboxes (work view topics were always displaying the checkboxes from the last report view topic selected)
  • Hint windows are now set to word wrap to allow for full use of the hint window width.
  • Added a Report Vault. Now when printing to PDF, you have the option to additionally copy the PDF file to the Report Vault in your personal local database. The option can be found in the lower left corner of the Create PDF dialog: "Save a copy to the Report Vault". This provides for an automatic archival copy of your report as it was last printed (if printed to PDF of course). You can view this file by using the "File > View existing Report Vault copy of this report" menu selection. Pros: A saved printed copy will always be exactly how you last printed the report for a client, even if you change a layout or other settings. Cons: a PDF copy of the report becomes part of your database, and can significantly increase the size of your backups.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem intoduced in 1.9.K which could cause an empty topic to be printed, such as an unused cover page.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple linked text items in a single topic would always be kept together and not split on a page boundry when the linked text tag is resolved, such as when generating a summary page.
  • Fixed an error condition if the current inspector's company was deleted.
  • Integrated with an updated SQL database engine, version
  • Now if a topic is unmodified, it is no longer considered empty if it contains any tags. This helps to prevent the need to mark a topic as not suppressible when using the "Suppress topics that have no comments" option due to the new feature in 1.9.J that considers unmodified topics as empty.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a license encode/decode issue for international installs.
  • Corrected a problem where the company information might not get loaded.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.9.J which caused unmodified topics to be suppressed even when not using the option to suppress topics with no comments.
  • Added a new WebCam monitor option to allow "direct webcam snapshot to comment" functionality. Setup > WebCam Setup to specify the native WebCam software application and the folder where that application stores snapshots. Use the editor toolbar WebCam icon (left of the Sig button) to both launch the WebCam application configured and monitor the folder for new images. This icon is a toggle to turn on/off the WebCam folder monitoring. When a new image is seen in the folder, it will automatically copy the image to the database and add it to the comment at the location of the text cursor (and optionally delete the original image from the Webcam folder).
  • Added a new option in Preferences > Misc > "Don't adjust floating image position at a page break". This is now unchecked by default to prevent floating images (those images set to wrap text on either side where the image is positioned relative to a paragraph) from being pushed off the bottom of a page if the image was pinned to a paragraph that started near the end of a page.
  • For the purpose of using the option to "Suppress topics that have no comments" when printing, a topic is now considered empty if it has not been modified. This allows a template to contain pre-filled comments in a topic, but is still suppressible. To prevent a topic from being suppressed, you will now need to use the "Prevent Suppression In Report" option in the Report View Manager for respective topics.
  • Added an option to allow selection of the Cloaked text color: Edit > Cloaked Text Color
  • Added an option to the image selection popup menu to remove the image from the comment with confirmation (primarily a tablet usage enhancement).
  • Added a new toolbar icon (big X next to the Cut icon) to be able to delete selected text or images without confirmation (primarily a tablet usage enhancement).
  • Added a new ability to drag a row separator to resize table rows.
  • Added a new images panel menu option to "Delete All Unused Images" from the database.
  • Added a new option to the Formatting Wizard to be able to trim leading and/or trailing blank lines.
  • City and State dropdowns now show up to 20 items instead of just 8 before showing a scrollbar.
  • Added Inspector information to the exportable data items
  • When creating a new report from ISN, you can now chose to override WhisperReporter's auto-generated report number with either ISN's Order ID (OID) or Report Number.
  • Now honors the regional date format in date pickers.
  • New option for image insertion: Preferences > Images Tab > "Use actual image size when inserting into a table cell". When selected, an image inserted into a table cell will resize down from the image's actual size to fit the table cell. When not selected, the image will only resize down from the configured initial size preference in order to fit the table cell (as it always did in prior versions).
  • Bidirectional Sync is now the default when syncing your personal local database with your connected database.
  • If Inspection Support Network (ISN) access has been configured and the current report was not created from an inspection queued on their service, a new button on the Inspection Details page allows you to associate the current report with one on ISN. This is helpful if you started an inspection and didn't have access to ISN at the time you created the report.
  • Added a new menu option, "Open Database Image Directory", to the right-click popup menu of the image panel. This will allow a user to quickly get to the images as stored in Reporter's database. Any external editing of an image contained here will not appear in the image panel until you do something that would refresh the image panel, such as choosing a different thumbnail size, or choosing to refresh the panel from the popup menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the initial positioning of an image when being toggled to a floating image (an image positioned relative to a paragraph).
  • Fixed an access violation if under Preferences, you set the Link Text Symbol to nothing and tried to save your changes.
  • Fixed a problem where Real Estate or Services lists would not be refreshed after a restore of a report that had new Real Estate or Services data.
  • Corrected DatePicker to handle international formats
  • Fixed a problem where a linked text Parent Topic Heading layout's "Keep Paragraph With Next" attribute was not being honored during linked text processing (auto-summary). This would cause linked text headings to not stay with at least one line of the linked text at page breaks.
  • Corrected a problem cloaking bulleted paragraphs that resulted in empty bulleted paragraphs showing up in the generated report.
  • Now if you are deleting a table row using the Ctrl+Del shortcut and that row itself contains a table, you will be prompted to confirm the operation in case you actually thought you were deleting a row from that inner table. Previously this prompt was only occurring when using the toolbar button to delete a table row.
  • The image editor now remembers the last width and height used for an object. For example, when you insert a new arrow, that new arrow will have the same length and angle as the last arrow that had been selected.
  • Added new Date tags, Day (day name), Month (month name), Year (full year). Also, you can now manually format the $DATE tag value using the following (Example: <$Date:m-yy> will result in 3-11 for March 2011):
  • Added paragraph spacing option to the formatting wizard.
  • Added Font Style option to the formatting wizard
  • Added a new tag, $ImageFile (Tag > Misc > Insert Image File). This can be used to insert an unmanaged image file (an image file not in the report's database). The image is loaded only at report generation time, and the image is brought in as-is, so any image compression/scaling must already have been applied to the image. Note: there is an optional width specification which defines the presentation size of the image.
  • When creating a new report using data from Inspection Support Network, you now have the option to use ISN's Order Number as the report number.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem restoring Work Views.
  • Suppressed a bug report trigger which might occur when scrolling a grid to the bottom after sorting on a column.
  • Fixed a problem attempting to use the Checkbox Group Manager's Rules Builder when no checkboxes exist for the group.
  • Corrected a problem retrieving buyer/seller agent information from Inspection Support Network (ISN) where both the buyer and seller agent would be assigned from ISN's buyer agent.
  • Corrected a problem where the General Information Navigation panel could be fully closed and unabled to be reopened.
  • Auto Collapse All option for RapidRemarks has now been changed to Auto Restore Node State. Now instead of always collapsing all nodes when focus is moved away from the RR panel, it will restore the tree node state based on the current RR Toolbar setting of Expand All Nodes, Collapse All Nodes, or Saved Node State.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a RapidRemark panel refresh issue after adding a new RapidRemark by drag-n-drop from the comment section to a folder in the RapidRemark panel. It would work the first time, but not subsequent drag-n-drops until a topic switch occurred. Symptoms included placement of the RapidRemark into a different folder, or an access violation.
  • Fixed a issue that would occur when dragging a node in the Report or Work view manager and there were changes for that node that had not yet been saved. To prevent the problem, an auto-save will occur when a drag operation is started and changes need to be saved.
  • Added a new option to the Database Selection: Database Server. This allows the use of a Database Server version of our database for use in multi-user or corporate environment. Use of a Database Server incures an additional cost for the purchase of the Advantage Database Server provided by Sybase.
  • Added a new Audit option (Preferences) for auditing placeholder text (default is XXXX). This can be useful when using a unique text string throughout a report template that should be replaced prior to finalizing a report and where a picklist may not have been the best option.
  • Enhanced the "Add Border" preference to include "Prompt". Now when adding images to the database, you can be prompted on whether or not you want to add a border for the images selected.
  • Using the Insert Image from the tool bar will now allow you to select "Photo (scaled)" or "Diagram (no scaling)". Previously you could only select scale/no scale when pre-loading images.
  • Added an Auto Expand Active / Collapse Inactive nodes option for both the Navigation tree and RapidRemarks tree. When you move from one chapter/folder to another, the chapter/folder that is being exited will auto collapse, and the chapter/folder that is being entered will auto expand. Right-click on the Navigation or RapidRemark panel to select the respective option.
  • Added an "Auto Collapse All Folders" option to the RapidRemark panel. When focus is moved away from the RapidRemark panel, such as double-clickling a RapidRemark for insertion, or simply moving to the comment area, all folders will collapse. Right-click on the RapidRemark panel to select this option.
  • Added an option in the PDF Creation dialog to base the default filename on either the report number or the property address.
  • Added an option in the Print dialog to be able to optionally bring the live preview window to the foreground on a refresh.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem syncing work views.
  • Fixed a situation which could cause a restore of duplicate picklists to add as a new picklist instead of merging into the existing one.
  • Improved the normalization of the main window and print preview window, especially when changing from a two monitor setup to a single monitor setup so that a window won't appear off-screen (the phantom 2nd monitor).
  • Integrated with an updated Spellchecker/Thesauras, version 4.20.2071
  • Added a comment ability to a picklist item. Using a comment in a picklist item allows the picklist to show more information than will be inserted into the report. For example, a picklist item of "15:45//3:45pm" would insert everything up until the double slash (//), so the picklist text that is actually inserted would be "15:45"
  • Improved signature placement. Signatures are now added relative to a paragraph without word wrap (placed behind text for a more natural signature look). Previously the signature was added as a character, possibly causing wrapping.
  • Added a "Head Size" selection for the arrows in the Image Editor.
  • Added a "Custom Color" selection to the color pickers in the image editor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.9.B in creating a default inspector on new installs, which would result in an Access Violations beginning at startup.
  • Fixed a problem updating a Report View from a backup containing a watermark.
  • Services list is now refreshed after a database sync or restore of a report.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.9.B which could prevent the creation of a new folder in the RapidRemarks Manager.
  • Corrected a problem with the editor where Live Spell would ignore the rest of a paragraph after a hyperlink (which includes checkboxes and picklists). Spellcheck would find it, but the red squiggly line would not be present to indicate a misspelled word.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.9.B in creating a default inspector on new installs, which would result in an Access Violations beginning at startup.
  • Improved database sync performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with the inspector identities and non-local databases.
  • Fixed a Restore problem with inspector identities on non-local databases.
  • Fixed an issue with database sync in not always identifying that a table needs to be sync'd.
  • Added a tool to import InspectionWise Standard Findings from an Excel file.
  • The Paragraph spacing dialog now adjusts in .05 inch increments instead of in 0.10 inch increments.
  • You can now run WhisperReporter when connected into your PC remotely over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
  • Images can now be positioned on top of or under text. Select the image after placing it in the report, then right click to select "No Text Wrap: Image [Under/Over] Text". This positions the image relative to a paragraph. When the image is selected and the image is positioned relative to a paragraph, a pin appears and will ilustrate what paragraph the image is "pinned" to for relative positioning. Keep in mind that an image could potentially fall off the page at a page break should the image not fit in the current page since it is pinned to the paragraph. Use the live Print Preview feature to easily make adjustments as needed should this occur. NOTE: When an image is behind text, you may have to hold the shift key down when clicking on the image in order to select the image instead of the text.
  • Improved the database sync performance.
  • When your database connection is other than your personal local database, the prompt about needing to sync with your personal local database will now only occur when switching your database connection to a non-local database. It will no longer annoyingly prompt you every time you start up WhisperReporter. However, a notice will appear in the status bar as a reminder when one is needed (use File > Synchronize Databases to invoke the sync process manually).
Bug Fixes
  • Removed the skin engine due to continuing stability issues with that third party add-on product.
  • Fixed a color issue in the Report/Work view navigation tree and Topic Summary when not using skins.
  • Fixed a problem identifying if a database sync is required or not.
  • Corrected an issue in the database sync process where it would not always update the images.
  • Corrected an issue with the database sync process which could re-add a deleted node in a report view if it still existed in the older report view.
  • Corrected an issue with license validation when using multiple inspectors with a common shared database.
  • Integrated with an updated Skin engine, version 7.44.
  • Integrated with an updated local SQL database server, version
  • Widow/Orphan avoidance added in 1.8.A is now optional. See Preferences > Misc
  • Added a Database Synchronization feature to synchronize your personal local database with an alternate database. For example, if you set your desktop to use an alternate sharable database, and your notebook is set to share that same database, you can synchronize your laptop's personal local database with the shared database so when you go out into the field your notebook would have the same data as your desktop. Upon return, you can then sync again so that your desktop's shared database would have any changes you made to your local database on your notebook.
  • Now when using enhanced picklists (where a picklist item references a RapidRemark), instead of an exact match of the whole RR Description, it now looks for only a unique partial match of the first n chars, where n is the length of the enhanced picklist item.
  • Now you can mark a watermark as being suppressible at report generation time.
  • Added an option the print dialog to specify a watermark override. Useful for global watermarks or to simply add a "draft" watermark until the report is complete.
  • Added an option to direct the print output to an HTML file.
  • Added Find/Replace text functionality (by using the tool bar or Search menu item on the main menu).
  • Due to the new Find Again feature, which typically uses the F3 function key shortcut in other applications, we changed the function key shortcut for "Toggle Paragraph/Selection as Linked Text" from F3 to F11. F3 is now assigned to the Find Again feature.
  • Added the Passive Mode option to FTP to help with problems associated with firewalls. The default is to now use Passive Mode (previously we were only using Active mode).
  • Added a new Link Text option to be able to link a complete topic based on a topic checkbox. For example, insert a new $TopicText tag: Tag > Link Text > Full Topic Comment > Select the topic checkbox to use as the qualifier such as "Deficient". Then when the report is generated, any and all topics that have the specified topic checkbox checked will be included where the tag was placed. See Preferences for Linked Text for adding headings etc.
  • When not using skins, WhisperReporter will now use Windows theming for improved UI rendering in that mode.
  • The out-of-the-box skin mode is now to not use skins since Windows theming is now enabled.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.8.A which could cause a new topic to not start on a new page even when it was marked to always start on a new page.
  • Fixed a problem backing up/restoring real estate data when a real estate agent that was backed up was associated to a real estate company.
  • Fixed a problem creating a new chapter or topic in the Report View Manager where it tried to use the last layout by default even when it no longer exists.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in the previous version where multiple selections of enhanced picklist items would simply duplicate the last selection.
  • Fixed a problem where the node icon for a work view would not get updated if its corresponding report view comment changed, and vice versa.
  • Corrected a problem switching inspectors which could cause license file to not validate properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the IMS Inspection Management Systems, when address information was missing.
  • Fixed a problem with Inspection Support Services (ISN or IMS), where any new real estate agent information would not appear immediately (it would only show up after restarting WhisperReporter or some other procedure that updated the agent cache).
  • Corrected the URL to login to IMS Inspection Management Systems.
  • Added Watermarking support via a new Chapter property in the Report View Manager. Watermarking gives you the ability to use any supported image file as a page background, or wallpaper so-to-speak, providing amazing presentation capabilites for your reports. The Watermark can be centered, tiled or stretched, and a different watermark can be specified for each chapter. Note: The watermark will not appear when using the printer option of printing multiple pages per sheet.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue occurring with some skins which would cause a scan line index out of range error.
  • Fixed a problem where the live print preview window would not update properly (a preview update would show blank pages)
  • Integrated with an updated Skin engine, version 7.34.
  • Moved the new Table Margin/Cell Indent reset menu item out from under the Table menu so it could be used even if your text cursor was not in a table.
  • Added a qualifier to the Notes tags where you can specify a specific line of the notes. For example, <$Client:Notes> will retrieve all the notes entered for the client details. <$Client:Notes(0)> will retrieve just the first line of the client detail notes, <$Client:Notes(1)> will retrieve just the 2nd line of the client detail notes, etc. (indexes start with 0 to be consistent with the indexes used to build an invoice). This allows yo uto use the notes areas as simple custom fields accessible using tags throughout the report.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a slight cosmetic artifact with the drawing of the Topic Checkbox panel background color when skinned.
  • Corrected a problem not being able to insert the Property Notes tag from the Tag menu.
  • Client Notes tag now retrieves the client notes entered in the Client Details.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.8.A of not being able to auto update some internal picklists, like cities.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.8.A of not being able to backspace when in Field Edit Mode, such as with customizable "Other" section or the Texas WDI form.
  • Adding a new comment checkbox will now honor the Preference setting of 0 for a comment checkbox font size by adding the checkbox at the current font size (was being added at the default font size).
  • Toggling a Field Edit Mode checkbox will now maintain the current font size of the checkbox.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.58.1.
  • Integrated with an updated PDF generator, version
  • Integrated with an updated Skin engine, version 7.33.
  • Updated to use the new Apex Integration Control, required for Apex Sketch v5, yet still backwards compatible for v4.
  • Added a new Misc report generation preference: "Do not split tables between pages"
  • Added a new Misc editor preference: "Always restart numbered bullets at creation"
  • Reverted back to outline style numbered bullets due to too many inconsistencies/problems with simple bullets.
  • Added 36 additional colors to select from in the toolbar color pickers.
  • Added a new option in Preferences > Misc to set the default to allow or disallow resizing of table cells. This was added to prevent accidental table column resizing within your templates. You can temporarily enable sizing in the topic you are on by right clicking on a table and toggling the "Allow Table Cell Resizing" option.
  • Added a new Filter in the Browse window where you can filter report based on specific inspectors.
  • Added a new menu item "File > Database Location" to select an alternate database. The database in use is shown in the status bar. Useful when sharing a common database on a shared drive, or for accessing archived reports that you may have restored to an alternate database. Example: You could keep the alternate database on a cloud drive, such as what is provided by services like Jungledisk (https://www.jungledisk.com/)
  • Added a new menu option when preloading images. Now you can choose to preload photos, which scale very nicely, or to preload diagrams, which typically do not scale well. The Photo option will have the configured scaling applied to the images during loading, and the Diagram option will load the images as-is with no scaling applied. The function of the single photo insert button on the toolbar does not change, it will still treat the image as a photo.
  • Enhanced the backup of RapidRemarks to be able to selectively choose which RapidRemark folders to backup instead of just always backing up all of them.
  • Added a new Formatting Wizard option to be able to re-align the table margins with the topic margins and reset the cell indents. You can also place the cursor in the topic comment and use the CTRL_ALT+T key chord instead of using the Formatting Wizard.
  • The occurance of widowed or orphaned lines from a multi-line paragraph are reduced. (widowed lines are single lines that end a page, and orphaned lines are single lines that start a page)
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected "disappearing RapidRemarks text" which had been imported or pasted from Word documents. This was introduced somewhere in 1.7.D 1.7.I.
  • Corrected numbered bullet sequencing that had originated from Word documents.
  • Corrected a report number truncation error if it exceeded 100 characters.
  • Corrected a problem displaying the inspector's initials in the browse window
  • Corrected a problem with auto summary formatting if you used the Parent Topic Heading Layout with a <$comment> tag to position the link text items (one problem was that the bullet on the last linked text item would lose its bullet). This was not previously supported since you were supposed to use the Linked Item Layout to format and position any linked text items. However, since it was not intuitive, the Parent Topic Heading can now be used to position the linked text items if that is all you wanted to do.
  • Changing a topic or chapter layout will now be reflected in the topic editor immediately.
  • Corrected a situation which could cause an extra blank page to be produced between the end of a topic and the start of chapter when chapters were set to always start on a new page.
  • All the bugs introduced with 1.7.D through 1.7.H have been fixed!
  • All the bugs introduced with 1.7.D 1.7.G have been fixed! (disclaimer: this statement is subject to change)
Bug Fixes
  • Arrrg!! Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7.G where if creating a report using one of the Inspection Support Services, it would use neither the Client nor Property information from the service in creating the report.
  • The default for retaining client and/or property information when creating a new report from another report/template is now set to not retain it. Also if selected to retain it, a warning prompts you as to the impact the decision plays of retaining such information (i.e. any change to client and/or property information will change for all reports which retained such information).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.7.D where if you were creating a new report from another report/template which had client and/or property information, the new report would use that information whether or not you chose to retain it. Any changes to that information would then change for any report created from that report. In some cases, you might not have known the template had a client or property record associated with that template if that information was simply blanked out.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected one area where the refactoring of bullets was not taking place automatically.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introducted in 1.7.D dealing with the refactoring of bullets from the old style to the new simple style. Using the Formatting Wizard to correct the bullets is also no longer necessary as Reporter will refactor all bullets on-the-fly.
  • New font applied to labels etc for improved readability.
  • Added a new tag for linked text layouts under Tags > Misc > Linked Text, <$LTQualifier>, to be able to show the qualifier as part of the linked text in the auto summary area of your report. For example, if you had a layout set up for all linked text items as <$LTQualifier>: <$Comment>, then all linked text will be prefixed by the qualifier you designated for that particular linked text.
  • Added a new tag for linked text layouts under Tags > Misc > Linked Text, <$LTCounter>, to be able to format a counter display of the linked text in the auto summary area of your report instead of using the numbering prefix option which does no formatting or font selection.
  • Added a new option for picklists. You can now declare a custom separator as a prefix so that custom text is used for every element in the picklist and not just when separating each selection. This only applies to the "Custom" choice.
  • Now when creating a new report from another report, you can optionally retain the client and/or the property data for the new report.
  • Added a new option to the Email preferences to allow the specification of the subject line.
  • Numbered bullets now use a more basic "simple numbering". Also added a new option to the Formatting Wizard to revert old style "outline" numbered bullets to the preferred "simple" numbered bullets. The old style was not very predictable or user intuitive in how it would restart or continue numbering.
  • Multi-Select Picklists can now use enhanced picklist items, i.e. can contain references to RapidRemarks by using the carret (^) prefix. This will allow you to use a picklist to select multiple RapidRemarks.
  • Added a new option to the Data Manager to be able to backup/restore Real Estate data separately from other data.
  • Generalized the AHit InspectIt import if Autotext data. Previously it would only import InspectIt Report Pro from Texas, but now it will do the non-Texas version as well.
  • Basic integration with Inspection Management Systems's Scheduling Center.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem saving changes to the custom separator for multi-select picklists.
  • Now if just auto numbering linked text (not the source) and not restarting numbering per Chapter/Topic, then then numbers will be sequential as it appears in the linked text results rather than numbered in the order that they appeared in the report itself.
  • Auto-numbering and auto-prefixing option for linked text will no longer take on the style of the linked text (such as bold/italics).
  • Fixed a problem selecting a new Topic Comment in the Report View Manager when using the magnifying glass to select a new or existing topic comment (the Report View Manager was not seeing that a change was made).
  • Corrected a problem with artifacts in the navigation tree when switching from a skin to no skins without restarting Reporter.
  • Corrected a situation were a topic comment might not restore properly from a backup, such as losing a bullet attribute.
  • When creating a new report from one of the Inspection Support Services, the Auto Report Numbering preview will now be updated accordingly should it contain client and/or property tags.
  • Corrected a problem deleting Real Estate Agents.
  • Added a new Preference under "Misc" to prevent table rows from splitting between pages.
  • Added a new Preference under "Misc" to prevent numbered bullets from continuing its sequencing between successive topics.
  • Now remembers the path used when last backing up the current report.
  • Cursor position of a topic is remembered for the current session so that when you come back to edit the topic again, the cursor is positioned to where it was previously. Note however that focus remains on the navigation tree so you won't see the cursor until you move into the editing area, such as with a mouse click or tab. If you enter the comment editing area using a mouse click, the cursor will then immediately move to where you clicked, so this is more for automatic scrolling of the topic comment into view where you last left off.
  • Added County to the Property details and as a new Picklist. Also added a <$County> tag.
  • Added two new tags: <$ChapterCaption> and <$TopicCaption> so that a topic can refer to itself or its chapter caption in a layout or topic comment.
  • The editor now allows you to create a nested table (table-in-table) when using the Create Table toolbar item.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem which could prevent numbered bullets from restarting on each new topic.
  • Added an option to a topic comment right-click pop-up menu to invoke the Formatting Wizard as we have for RapidRemarks. This can be used to quickly reformat or remove paragraph formatting of a single topic comment.
  • Now filenames will wrap in the image panel to better accomodate long filenames.
  • Now you can click anywhere on the MultiSelect Picklist item to toggle the selection. This is to make it easier to select items using a tablet.
  • Added a warning when suppressing empty topics when the report is a Texas report.
  • Added a new "Prevent Suppression" option for topics in the Report View Manager. This way, even if you selected to suppress topics with no comments, it will still print those topics that were marked as "Prevent Suppression". This is useful for reports such as the Texas TREC 7-2 which disallows suppression of topics other than those in the Optional Systems (new Texas templates were also released that uses this new option).
  • Finished the implemention for the TWI Affiliates Findings import as RapidRemarks tool.
  • Added an email preference to prefix email address with 'smtp:' or not in order to accommodate other email clients.
  • You can now delete selected images from the image panel using the Delete key.
  • The preference to automatically add an image border is now the default setting on new installs.
  • Added a new "Upload To Support" option under Help to make it easier to send log files to support, or even to send large files to Whisper that might be too large to email.
  • Added font color change option to the Formatting Wizard.
  • Added a button to the main toolbar to launch the Data Manager.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem opening the image browse window in thumbnail mode under WinXP introduced with 1.7.A when fixing the browse window under Vista/Win7.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.6.C where the current set of selected folders for a RapidRemark View would not get checked off in the RapidRemark View Manager when attempting to edit the RR View.
  • Corrected a problem restoring a Work View introduced in 1.7.A.
  • Corrected a problem where if the last line of a topic was bulletted and a chapter node was printed next, you would get a "phantom" bullet in-between that topic and the next chapter.
  • Fixed a problem saving RapidRemark preferences.
  • Added support for interfacing with the "Inspection Support Network" scheduling and inspection management service (http://inspectionsupport.net)
  • Added an import tool for the importing of TWI Affiliates Contact information (Realtor/Title data).
  • Added a character case toggle. Using Shift+F3, the case of selected text will toggle as follows:
  • Integrated with an updated skinning engine, version 6.68
  • Added a new RapidRemark Formatting Wizard option to allow changes to various formatting attributes on a single Rapid Remark or a Folder set of RapidRemarks. Right Click on a document or folder node in the RapidRemark Manager, and select Formatting Wizard from the popup menu.
  • When referencing a topic layout in the Report View Manager, it will now automatically reference its chapter layout to obtain the left and right margins that will be used by the topic when printed. Previously you had to manually set those margins of a topic to correspond to the chapter it would be used in if you wanted to set up a WYSIWYG topic layout. If referencing the topic layout from outside of the Report View Manager, you will still need to set the left and right margins since it is not known where the topic will be used.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem on some PCs where the video card and Windows combinations do not support the "Blend" rendering for the RapidRemark Hint popup balloon, preventing the balloon from rendering properly or at all.
  • Fixed a problem where you could not add a table to a RapidRemark (the toolbar button was inoperative).
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.6.C where if you hit tab at the end of a line and then started entering text, that new text would be in italics (previously fixed in the main editor, but now fixed in the RapidRemark/Hint/Topic Layout/Folder Layout Managers as well).
  • Fixed a problem where the font size and style gets reset to the default whenever you change the font name.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.6.C which prevented the rendering of images in topics who's layout did not have a $comment or $document tag, such as the WDI templates.
  • Fixed a problem where tables were allowed to be outside of the page margins in the editor, yet the printed report did not... causing surprises due to tables being resized (WYSIWYG failure).
  • Fixed a problem which prevented RapidSketch from being invoked unless WhisperReporter was run with admin privileges.
  • Added the ability to download additional dictionaries for the spellchecker.
  • Added the ability to edit dictionaries.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the Spellcheck user dictionary path, which would have rendered any previously added words to be marked as misspelled once again.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.6.C where if you hit tab at the end of a line and then started entering text, that new text would be in italics.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.54-.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.23
  • Integrated with an updated local SQL database server, version
  • Integrated with an updated Spellchecker/Thesauras, version 4.10.2063.
  • Integrated with an updated DataManager file compressor, version 4.51.1.
  • Integrated with an updated DataManager Import utility, version 2.73.
  • Integrated with an updated DataManager Export utility, version 4.99.
  • Integrated with an updated skinning engine, version 6.67
  • The last image inserted is now also remembered when using the feature to pre-load images into the database instead of just when inserting a single image form the toolbar button.
  • When browsing to save the report as a PDF, the default file extension for browsing now defaults to PDF instead of "All Files".
  • Text marked as hidden will now be hidden (this attribute was left over from an old style Link To Summary feature that was later replaced with the more advanced Linked Text attribute). You can make hidden text visible by showing extended attributes (clicking on the Paragraph Attributes toolbar button twice within 2 seconds). You can then right click on it and select to "remove old style link text" if you want to make it always visible and possibly remark it as linked text. Text could have been marked as hidden if imported from WhisperPI or if you still had some old text that was using the old linked to summary attribute which has not been supported for years.
  • Skin selection now uses a dialog instead of a long menu selection, and provides samples so you can get a rough idea of what your skin selection will look like before you apply it.
  • You no longer have to be sure to mark the end-of-paragraph marker when marking text as cloakable. If the paragraph is empty after cloaking, Reporter will now automatically delete the paragraph marker. This is particularily convenient for bulleted items.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.6.A which could prevent WhisperReporter from initializing on some PCs if the last report was set to be reloaded on startup and was using client or property address tags in the auto report numbering.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.6.A with the newly integrated editor which would cause tab alignment to get thrown off.
  • Corrected the evaluation license location on install.
  • Corrected a problem where the bullet attribute in the last paragraph of a topic could carry over to the first paragaraph of the next topic layout when the report is generated.
  • Integrated with an updated skinning engine, version 6.47
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.51.
  • Integrated with an updated PDF generator, version 3.58.
  • Incorporated the new TREC 7-2 report form templates (previous installs of WhisperReporter will need to download and install these templates separately, if needed).
  • Added a new topic under General Report Information called "Other" where you can define your own fields that can be referenced anywhere in the report using custom tags. To use, select the "Other" topic, then right click on the editor area and choose "Form Design Mode". Add labels or whatever you want, then place the cursor where you want to add a field. Right click to select to insert a text field; you will be prompted to name this field so that you can reference the field data using the $custom tag in the report. The field will appear as "[ ]" to indicate the area where you will be able to enter text. The form will revert to Form Entry Mode automatically when you select a new topic (or if you specifically select that mode from the pop up menu). When in Field Entry Mode, the cursor will only move to those fields you created (use tab to move to each field). To reference this data in a comment, simply choose to add a Custom tag using the tag button on the editor toolbar. You will be prompted for the field name (only those currently defined will be selectable).
  • The CTRL+Del keyboard shortcut was remapped and can now be used to delete the current table row (previously this shortcut was doing the same thing as the DEL key by itself, so it was redundant)
  • Added a welcome dialog where you select what you want to do. This dialog can be suppressed (note: if it is being suppressed, it can be re-invoked by having the shift key held down while bringing up WhisperReporter).
  • Added a new Email Preference section to allow the setting of custom email body text when sending reports via the default Windows email client.
  • Added an "Undo All" function (Edit > Undo All or CTRL+ALT+Z) to revert all changes to the current comment since the last save (simply reloads the comment, checkboxes are left as-is).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected column sorting in the Data Manager's Merge Two Reports function.
  • Corrected a problem where cloaking multiple lines would still leave one new paragraph marker even though all new paragraph markers were cloaked.
  • The latest PDF generator fixes a problem which could cause overlapping text on a line when a font changes. For example, in the PDF version of the report, a checkbox might have overlapped the preceding text.
  • The Report View Manage will now also warn you if you attempt to modify a report view that is in use by a locked template (previously it only warned if it was in use by a report).
  • Report View Manager caution labels are now always displayed in red, independent of the skin in use.
Bug Fixes
  • Re-Integrated with the updated skinning engine, version 6.44. Note: the quick fix did not properly integrate this version of the skin engine, and caused odd behavior.
  • Corrected a bug which caused an error when opening the WhisperPI Prepared Comment Import tool.
  • Corrected a bug introduced in 1.5.H which could cause a SQL syntax error when modifying a Chapter Layout.
  • Corrected a typo which prevented the Client Address line 2 from being able to be exported to an alternate file format.
  • Corrected a bug introduced in 1.5.I which can cause an error while attempting to restore RapidRemarks from a backup.
  • Fixed a bug where fonts appear to mysteriously change to another font.
Bug Fixes
  • Removed test code which caused an error when opening the Picklist Manager and when saving a new RapidRemark.
  • Integrated with an updated skinning engine, version 6.44
  • New skins added: Sapphire, Shine, Snow Leopard, and TV-b
  • Added the ability to import AutoText, Client, and Realtor data from AHit InspectIt ReportPro.
  • Added the zipcode when displaying the property info panel in the main window.
  • Improved license file validation
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a bug report if shutting down Reporter while Reporter was refreshing the image panel.
  • If the RapidRemark view is modified while in the Report View manager, the RapidRemark view will now be updated appropriately in both the Report View Manager and the main application view.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.20
  • Integrated with an updated Skinning engine, version 6.23
  • Improved FTP file transfer connection handling.
  • The Browse Reports window is now sizeable and remembers its position.
  • A new column was added to the Browse Reports window: "Insp.", which will the show the initials of the inspector who created the report, if known.
  • Reporter now remembers the navigation panel's expand all/collapse all state.
  • Instead of asking you to remove overlapping linked text before applying the linked text attribute to the selected text, Reporter will now ask if you want to merge the overlapping linked text with the new selection, and apply the new linked text qualifier to all of it, making it a single linked text selection.
  • Now if the cursor is not at the last char of some text, the AutoPaste (F2 key) will prompt for the the text to search the RapidRemarks description for, words or partial words separated by spaces. If the search method is "Starts With", then the text entered must match the start of the description. If the search method is "Match Anywhere", then the description must contain all the words or partial words entered (in any order).
  • Added an option to the Table Of Contents where you can optionally include the page numbers for Chapters and/or Topics. The Preferences > Table Of Contents default settings are: Chapters: False, Topics: True.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem restoring companies from individual report backup.
  • Fixed a problem aligning images that have been set to "position relative to paragraph". If the image ended up at the bottom of a page, it would be repositioned on top of the text in order to prevent it printing the image off the bottom of the page; however, this temporary fix could now cause the image to run off the bottom of a page. This is an editor bug and we are actively pursuing a fix from the company which supplies the editor we integrate into the product. For now, please review the report and make adjustments as needed, or just use the default "position image as char".
  • The audit which looks for empty topics being printed will no longer flag a topic that only had a topic layout (i.e. no topic comment was defined).
  • Fixed a problem where the displayed page count could be inaccurate if followed by other root chapters (root chapters are chapters with no parent chapter which starts the page count back at 1).
  • Corrected a problem where the title/status bars would not update when moving from the Report navigation tree to the General Report Information navigation tree.
  • Improved performance displaying the list of reports that can be restored from an archive.
  • For new installs, the font preference to exclude the Wingdings font from being embedded in the PDF version of the report is no longer specified, and as such will now default to be included if needed. There have been situations where the PDF version of the report was being viewed on a clients PC or MAC that did not have the Wingdings font installed, preventing checkboxes from displaying properly.
  • The first set of numbered bullets will now always start numbering at 1 in each topic when the report is generated. Previously it might have continued the numbering sequence from the previous topic.
  • Reports now have "ownership", useful for companies that have more than one inspector and use the same database, or merge reports into a common database. The Company and Inspector active when the report is created is saved into the report. Ownership can be reassigned by using the browse report dialog and right clicking on a report and selecting the option to change ther report's owner to the current inspector and company. Previous reports that do not hae an owner will have the current inspector and company assigned automatically the next time it is opened. Templates do not have ownership; when converting a report to a template, the ownership is removed.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Data Manager to lockup if you hit the Back/Next sequence too quickly.
  • Corrected a problem with font selection during report generation if Reporter's default font preference was changed during the course of entering comments for the current inspection report.
  • Fixed a recently introduced hang condition in the Work View Manager that could occur when assigning a work view to the current report.
  • Fixed a problem where the image in the comment was not refreshed if you used the internal image editor and used the X or the cancel button to exit that editor yet had saved changes at some point.
  • When a report is locked, the report number will no longer change should an auto-numbering tag value change.
  • Integrated with an updated Skinning engine, version 6.22
  • New skins added: Acryl, Topaz
  • In the image editor, fixed tabing order of the "new text object" dialog.
  • In the image editor, it will no longer save blank text to the saved text object list.
  • Images can now be edited from the Image panel. Previously you had to insert an image into the comment before you were able to edit it. To edit from the image panel, select one or more images, and right click to select "Edit Image(s)". Note: If using the internal image editor, its Skip button will cancel changes for that image and move to the next image selected; the Cancel button will also cancel changes but will also abort the image editing process.
  • Added the ability to upload reports using FTP. Set the appropriate FTP settings in Preferences, and after generating the report, you will have the option to FTP the report.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem trying to view the page properties of a RapidRemark.
  • Corrected the population of the columns in the DataManager Restore Reports list.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.47.5.
  • Integrated with an updated PDF generator, version 3.30.
  • The new editor helps to remove open-ended tags at time of the deletion of an endtag; plus code was added in Reporter to clean out any open-ended tags that still might be left over from previous versions of the editor.
  • Improved dual monitor support.
  • A fontname change to selected text in a comment will no longer affect any checkboxes that might have also been included in the selection. Same applies to any characters that use the Wingdings fontname or are in the Symbol character set (can be turned off in Setup > Preferences > Fonts).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem with squished page counts in the generated report.
  • Images deleted from the image panel are now moved to the recycle bin so they can be recovered in case of an accidental deletion.
  • The popup image previewer now sizes the images to fit the window at all times instead of maxing out at the image's actual size.
  • Added a new tabpage to the Preferences to allow more obvious option settings that are applicable to RapidRemarks. Previously, these settings were in pop up menus only.
  • The "Pages Per Sheet" setting when printing to a printer will now be remembered for future printing.
  • The building of the Picklist popup is now case-sensitive so that "North" is not the same as "north" as as such will now produce two picklist entries instead of one.
  • The TREC 7A-0 templates have been removed for new installs.
  • The TREC 7A-1 templates have been updated. Corrected one spelling mistake in the Boilerplate templates (Thermal pain > Thermal pane), and added additional samples that include the TREC OP-I form.
Bug Fixes
  • Switching from a two monitor system to a one monitor system might have left some windows out of view that were last opened on the now non-existant monitor. This would appear as a lockup, when in fact the form was just not visible. Now all forms that save its location will check and reposition itself when re-opened so that its position will be within the current desktop real estate.
  • Now prevents pasting inside the hidden checkbox tags which would have extended the checkbox attribute throughout the pasted text.
  • Fixed a bug creating a new blank template that uses a report view that has more than one topic that does not have a topic comment assigned.
  • Fixed a problem where closing the application while the program is updating the thumbnails for the "Used Images" list panel could cause a bug report that the operation cannot be performed on a closed dataset since the database was closed while the database was still being scanned for used images. we now stop scanning prior to closing the database.
  • Fixed a problem where the splitter bars in the main window could become unresponsive.
  • The report-report merge will now try to match the topic description if the comment ID is not found.
  • Improved comment checkbox deletion so that if you backspace over a checkbox tag (thereby deleting it) it will also delete the checkbox character.
  • New 7A-1 Boilerplate templates, v1.1, which includes a spelling correction on the title page, and movement of stairway checklist from the Walls topic, as it had been in the 7A-0 template, over to the new 7A-1 Stairways topic. Current users would need to install from the WhisperReporterTemplates.zip file.
Bug Fixes
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Increased the length of the email address fields from 50 to 250 to allow for a name and/or multiple email addresses to be entered, separated by semi-colons (;). Also, The email address list for sending a report will now also look for email addresses in the notes sections, where each email address must be on a separate line and/or separated by semi-colons (;). Email addresses can be in one of two formats:
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.18
  • Integrated with an updated Skinning engine, version 6.04
  • Integrated ImageEditLite into WhisperReporter, Version 1.5.B
  • Added new Skins: Calcium (default on new installs) and Beijing
  • Eliminated the confusing Add Topic and Add Chapter dialogs, and integrated them directly into the Report View and Work View Managers so that the correlation of the different fields being asked for are better represented and also so that results can be seen immediately. Now adding a new Chapter or Topic is very much like modifying an existing one.
  • Enhanced adding services. You can now designate a service as being a calculated service. When selected, it will prompt for a quantity and automatically enter a new service with the calculated amount. The auto added service will be marked as being for the current report only.
  • Adding new service fees/discounts will now remember the last selection made for both "taxable" and "only for the current report"
  • After adding a new service fee/discount, it will now automatically be selected as a service rendered.
  • If connected to the internet on Reporter startup, it will automatically check to see if there is a new version available; and if there is a newer version, it will display this information in the lower right status bar panel.
  • The Image Popup Preview window now initially aligns itself to the far right center of the screen, and remembers its width and height for the next time Reporter is executed.
  • The Image Popup Preview window can now be left open even after focus is shifted away from Reporter's image panel. Simply uncheck the "Auto Close" checkbox on the Preview window.
  • Cleaned up various window rendering processes.
  • The "Map It" button is no longer disabled when the report has been locked.
  • Added a new Merge function to the Data Manager which allows you to append the comments from one report to another. Each report should use the same or similar Report View because the process mates topic comments in each report in determining which comments get merged together.
  • Enhanced comment checkboxes. Now when toggling a comment checkbox, if there is any cloakable text in the same paragraph to the right and/or below the checkbox being toggled, the cloakable text will also toggle to the same state. In other words, if you checkmark a checkbox, any cloakable text found after the checkbox will be uncloaked. Uncheckmark a checkbox, and any cloakable text will be cloaked. This feature allows you to add conditionally printed text related to a checkbox, such as showing a recommendation only if the checkbox is checkmarked. To have new lines below the checkbox that are part of the same paragraph, use the Shift+Enter key rather than the Enter key. The Enter key alone adds a new paragraph and a Shift+Enter adds a new line to the same paragraph.
  • If a topic comment is not specified for a topic, Reporter will display the topic layout in the editor instead since that is what will print (the comment will also be locked). This is typically used for when you include topics for informational purposes only, and not meant to be edited, such as disclaimers or consumer related documents for the client to review. These types of things are best put in a layout rather than a template comment area to conserve space.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem in the Data Manager where the Backup of individual reports selection dialog might not list all the reports.
  • Fixed a problem where the embedded extended tag cleanup was removing horizontal lines and page number and page count tags.
  • Fixed a problem where the Page Properties were not being saved if it was the only change made.
  • Fixed a problem restoring a backup of an individual report that did not have client or property information (which is referenced to display in the selection grid).
  • Fixed a problem where an orphaned checked checkbox would cause Reporter to think it had to save the comment even though there were no changes. i.e. the Save icon would light up simply by moving to that topic, indicating the topic comment needs saving when it really didn't need to be. An orphaned checked checkbox could occur if the checkbox group for a topic was changed where that checkbox was removed, such as assigning a new Report View to the current report, and the new Report View did not use that particular checkbox.
  • Fixed a problem where topics would use the last chapter printed formatting rather than its parent chapter formatting. This would occur when there were both sub-chapters and topics in the same parent chapter.
  • Fixed the tag insertion of the <$comment> tag in the Topic Layout Manager.
  • Fixed a default font selection problem in the editor if the topic layout didn't have a <$comment> tag (the editor uses the layout to obtain the proper margins for the comment).
  • Fixed a problem with some skins having a black-on-black main menu.
  • Fixed a problem where licenses could become invalid, requiring a reinstall of the original license file.
  • Fixed various refreshing of hint windows when changes were made.
  • Fixed the image placement mode indicator in all the layouts and RR Manager (and the change now sets the modified state).
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.17
  • Integrated with an updated Skinning engine, version 5.67
  • Now, instead of reporting that it can't create a unique report number when using auto numbering, it will append a temporary suffix to the report number which will be removed once the report number becomes unique, such as might be the case when using the property address tag in the auto-numbering format. For example, the first duplicate will have a "(1)" appended to the non-unique report number to make it unique and easily indentifiable when browsing reports.
  • Reorganized the General Information pages so that the property information is in the forefront.
  • Enhanced Picklists so that you can use picklists to select RapidRemarks. If the first char of a picklist item is a caret (^), the current list of RapidRemarks will be searched. If it finds an exact match, the picklist will be completely replaced by the respective fully formatted RapidRemark body (use CTRL+Z to undo a misselection of this type since it will no longer be a picklist).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected several auto-numbering issues when the auto-numbering format is set to use values that have not been entered at the time of report creation, such as the property address. It might have warned you that it could not create a unique report number. In another instance, if you tried to load an existing report that had not had the info entered still, it might have used the previously opened report information to fill in the missing information to create the report number.
  • Fixed indentation of a table within a table that caused paragraphs to be indented two or more times during report generation time if those paragraphs were part of an inner table (a table inside of another table).
  • Fixed a situation that could cause a list index out of bounds error if there is no work view and you modified the report view.
  • Fixed an error which could occur after installation where it can't find the ReporterDatabase.zip initialization file.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.40.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.16
  • Integrated with an updated Skinning engine, version 5.53
  • Added a picklist menu item to allow resetting the picklist to an unselected state.
  • Added an option to allow all chapter and topic layouts for the report view to be cloned when saving a report view as a new report view. This can be useful when creating a similar report view, and the chapter and topic layouts will be modified later and you didn't want to affect the original report view layouts or have to make copies of them separately prior to modifying them.
  • User checkboxes will now have a light yellow background in the editor to help make them standout and to indicate that it is an active checkbox as opposed to just a wingding character.
  • Increased clickable area for clicking on user checkboxes. Plus, if you are inside a checkbox, a space will toggle the state.
  • Linked images contained within text being copy/pasted from one comment to another will now also be included (both within the same report and also between reports, cloning images as needed).
  • When selecting a RapidRemark using the AutoPaste feature (F2), it will launch the RapidRemark Manager instead of inserting it into your comment if the Shift key is held down when clicking on the selection. The RapidRemark Manager will automatically load the RapidRemark you had selected where you can then edit it if desired.
  • Double clicking a RapidRemark in the RapidRemark Manager will now add the RR to the current comment (same function as if you clicked the "Insert info current report comment" button). A new status bar was added to the RR Manager to show confirmation of the insertion.
  • Updating of the image panel is now performed in a separate low priority process. This will prevent having to wait for the image panel to update in order to continue in the application, which could have been as long as 15 seconds or more if you had hundreds of images imported.
  • Now includes the address in the subject line when emailing the report.
  • Now saves into the registry the last license file accessed just in case a full backup is restored which contains old license file information.
  • The RapidRemark window now remembers where it was last positioned.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which didn't properly restore a topic that had no layout. Prior to 1.4.A, a topic was required to have a layout; however, starting with 1.4.A, this was no longer required and the restore logic was still expecting a layout to be assigned.
  • The respective Layout or Hint window was not being updated if the current layout or hint was edited in the Report/Work View managers.
  • Various buttons and text/combo boxes now resize and align properly when the Report/Work View managers or their subpanels resize.
  • Fixed a bug which didn't copy the chapter layout when cloning a work view chapter.
  • Fixed an undesirable effect of being able to type when the cursor was positioned inside the hidden checkbox tags, causing text entered to have the wingding font.
  • Report/Work View managers will now correctly color code the layout view.
  • Fixed a problem where user checkboxes would not toggle even though it appeared you did click it.
  • The database collation sequence is now set properly when used outside the U.S.
  • The new editor corrected a problem processing nested linked text (linked text inside of a wider scoped linked text block).
  • Corrected the timestamp set in the PDF file. It was using the UTC time rather than local clock time.
  • Corrected various timestamps and timestamp comparisions when backing up and restoring individual reports. This was causing issues when backing up individual reports in one timezone and restoring in another.
  • Corrected a problem when restoring a report where the list of topic checkboxes that were checked for each topic did not get remapped properly to the new checkbox group if that checkbox group had to be remapped because it was different than the existing group.
  • Corrected a problem where restoring a report view as new instead of replacing an existing one, Reporter did not apply the same suffix to the new corresponding work view (if there was one).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.4.A in regards to restoring a duplicate report as a new report. The comments would be saved to the current report rather than the new report.
  • Corrected the Inspection Time on restored reports (the UTC time was not being converted to local time)
  • A new set of Layouts, Hints, Checkbox Groups, Checkboxes and RapidRemark Views were being created when restoring a duplicate Report View as a new Report View. Now they will only be created if needed (i.e. different than the exiting one).
  • Fixed a problem where the editor toolbar was not restoring its default color when skins are turned off until Reporter was restarted.
  • Now skins the signature dialog, and corrects the signature area color.
  • Enhanced the sort algorithm when sorting picklist items. Click the Sort Items button the first time, and it sorts Ascending, click a 2nd time, it sorts Descending. It will also sort leading numerical values as numeric rather than as a string, i.e. 1, 11, 2, 22, 3 will now sort as 1, 2, 3, 11, 22 instead of 1, 11, 2, 22, 3.
  • Text fields will no longer be automatically removed if empty while designing a form entry type of template. This also removes the requirement that a space be automatically inserted between field tags when a text field is added.
  • Added a Checkbox Group Rules builder so that you don't have to be a programmer to create rules for the topic checkbox groups you create.
  • Corrected the skinning of the editor toolbar.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem restoring an individual report whose report or work view does not currently exist in the database and the folder list being restored is out of order. This could cause an error indicating that it was trying to restore a child folder before its parent folder had been restored.
  • Corrected the default inspector information license file path... it was not empty, and could confuse the user on new installs.
  • Updated the evaluation license in the full setup (the no docs setup was already updated).
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a Topic Checkbox Group audit problem introduced in 1.3.P where it would incorrectly identify which topics didn't have any checkboxes checked.
  • Fixed a problem refreshing the checkbox group in the Report View Manager if changes were made.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.14
  • Bug reports are now sent to us without the need of the user's email client or server.
  • The report number for the manual entry will now default to the scheme used by the auto-generated report number format. This will allow a manual report number to default to some pre-generated value using the format specified by the auto report number generation setting so that you don't have to always enter a frequently used prefix to your manually specified report number for instance.
  • Integrated with enhanced splitter control for the Navigation, RapidRemark and Hint panels.
  • Added a new printing option that will suppress any topics that have no comments.
  • Added a new function key, F3, to perform one of the following: (1) if the text cursor is over a link, it will be removed without prompting, or (2) if the text cursor is not on a link, it will apply a link type of Linked Text without prompting, using the last qualifier selected. In case (2), if there is nothing selected, it will select the whole paragraph to apply the linked text attribute, else it will only apply the linked text attribute to the seleted text.
  • Now if backing up a single report, it will use the report number as the default backup file name.
  • Added the ability to apply various "skins" to the look-and-feel of the application. The default skin loaded is "Elegant", but can be turned off using Setup > Select Skin > "Standard (no skin)".
  • Added a Print button to the PDF creation completed dialog which will launch the Windows' default application to print the PDF version of the report.
  • Enhanced the Report View Manager and the Work View Manager by breaking them down to look like the main window, plus it also includes previews of the respective selections.
  • Added the ability to create submenus in a picklist popup menu by using backslashes for a menu item. For example: Wood\Cedar would create a picklist menu item "Wood" with a submenu item of "Cedar".
  • Added a configurable zoom level for the hint panel, default is 80%. Right click on the hint panel to change zoom level.
  • Now you can toggle the Form Entry style even if the topic layout is set to Form Entry style to allow for one off changes to the body of a form template.
  • Updated the Texas WDI templates to correct the Structural Pest Control Service name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an access violation during auto open/close of the panels if there was no active control.
  • Fixed a problem under Vista where the popup picklist menu would not resize its width smaller to fit the current longest menu item; i.e. it would resize wider, but not then reduce its width if the new menu's longest item was shorter than the previous menu's longest item. This worked fine under XP, but not under Vista.
  • Now properly defaults the OK button when first loading the Create New Payment dialog.
  • Fix a problem inserting a Form Entry Text Field introduced in 1.3.P.
  • Fixed a flicker issue with the general info tab pages.
  • Implemented a fix to correct a system level MonitorFromPoint access violation when either LogMeIn remote access was installed, or the number of monitors configured was changed without restarting WhisperReporter.
  • Fixed a problem where Reporter would not save the current modified comment when creating a new report. Instead, it would save it into the new report.
  • Fixed a bug under certain Windows configurations where it would cause dates in a report to be incorrectly exported when backing up individual reports. The date/time entries would be missing the separator chars ("/" for the date separator and ":" for the time separator) which would cause an invalid date error when restoring the report. Note: The backup file is in editable XML format, and therefore the dates are correctable should the need arise to restore one of these corrupted backup files.
  • Fixed a problem restoring a duplicate report view that was then specified to be saved as a new report view. The report comments would be mapped to the original report view instead of the new report view.
  • Fixed a problem changing the Topic Layout of the topic comment currently shown in the editor where it would not update the comment view to reflect the change.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.13
  • Improved auto-close of the Navigation and RapidRemark panels.
  • Enhanced auto numbering of linked text in the body of the report so that the numbering includes the full point number as it appears in the resolved linked text. Previously, only the last number of the point sequence would appear in the body.
  • Combined the multiple Audit Alerts into a single scrollable audit alert dialog.
  • The Browse Reports dialog now remembers the column widths so that any adjustments you make will be retained.
  • Now suppresses duplicate named checkboxes in the suppress section of the Print dialog and when creating a new template. Previously, if more than one checkbox group was used, and some topic checkbox descriptions were the same in each, they would appear more than once in the topic checkbox list shown in the print and new template dialogs, causing confusion. Now if more than one topic checkbox group is used in a report view, and a topic checkbox description from one group matches that of another group, they will be treated as if they were the same topic checkbox, and listed only once.
  • Added an option in the Picklist Manager to be able to automatically build the picklist menu with submenus based on the first character of the picklist. This helps to organize the picklists when there are too many to fit on a single popup.
  • Added shortcut keys to select All (CTRL+A), Select Paragraph (CTRL+ALT+A), and to invoke the Print dialog (CTRL+P). Also added a menu option to select paragraph.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.3.Q to correct insertion of a RapidRemark into a bulleted list ultimately caused a RapidRemark that started with bullets itself to lose the first bullet if inserted into a non-bulleted list.
  • Corrected a problem where it wouldn't honor the selection to always make the property address the same as the client address when creating a new report.
  • Implemented tags for the various report notes.
Bug Fixes
  • Now when inserting a RapidRemark into a new bulleted item, the bullet attribute will not be reset for the inserted RR.
  • Fixed a "Failed to set data" error introduced in 1.3.P that occurs on new installations.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.36.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.12
  • Added a topic checkbox panel right click popup option to uncheck all topic checkboxes, bypassing checkbox group rules. Useful when creating a new template from another template, but want to uncheck all checkboxes so the audit will notify if any topic checkboxes were not checked.
  • Enhanced the paragraph attributes toolbar button. The first time that it is clicked, it exposes only the basic paragraph attributes (end of paragraph, spaces, hidden table borders, etc). If it is clicked a second time within 2 seconds, it will then expose the extended attributes, such as bookmark style attributes (linked text, etc) and hyperlink tags (checkboxes, etc).
  • Added an option to the AutoPaste functionality (F2) to allow searching for the entered word anywhere in the RapidRemark description, not just the first word of the description. Right click on the RR panel, and select the desired search style.
  • Increased the scrolling speed as you drag an RR item to a new location using the RR Manager.
  • A payment no longer requires a description to be entered.
  • A new payment will now prefill the amount field with the current balance.
  • Doubleclicking a payment will now bring up the payment editor.
  • Changed the minute increment of the inspection time to be 5 minutes instead of 1 minute.
  • The inspection time now defaults to the current time when creating new reports (rounded to a 5 minute increment).
  • The no topic checkboxes checked audit will now take into account those checkboxes that are not printed. Previously for example, if you used an unprinted checkbox to suppress a section, the audit would have warned you that no topic checkboxes were checked for that topic even though the unprinted "suppress" checkbox was checked.
  • Enhanced the audit alert for unchecked picklists by identifying the chapter and topic where the unchecked picklist exists.
  • Added a Tool menu item that allows you to review the audit alerts that might have been created the last time a report was generated. The menu item will be disabled if there is no audit alert report available.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an invalid index error if clicking on the list of Real Estate Companies, Agents, or Title Companies and nothing is selected (and you didn't click on one of the items in the list).
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 1.3.N where clicking "use with current report" in the Report View Manager would not permanently save this new report view setting for the current report. It was only applying it to the current working report, but would revert back to the original report view next time the report was loaded.
  • Fixed a problem where the mouse cursor would disappear after hitting the F2 key (auto-paste).
  • If the text within the hidden attribute tags is deleted, the hidden attribute tags will now also be deleted. Also, if the cursor is moved inside an older empty tag, it will remove the empty tag.
  • Upgrading to the latest editor corrected a problem which would cause a signature to get corrupted if it followed a linked image.
  • Reimplemented the method used to auto-hide both the RR panel and Nav panel to try to correct a situation that can cause a stack overflow on some platforms when auto-hide is in effect.
  • Fixed a problem where if borders were applied to the first paragraph of a comment the borders would not be printed.
  • Fixed a problem under Vista where Reporter wasn't able to determine if ImageEditLite had been installed in order to make it available as the image editor of choice under Preferences.
  • Now when enabling to view paragraph attributes, it will also show hyperlink tags.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a page count issue when the TOC extends more than one page. This was introduced in 1.3.N
  • The Browse Reports dialog now remembers the sort order. Also moved the Inspection Date to be the first column and made the default sort order to be by Inspection date instead of Report Number.
  • Added a feature that allows the printing of multiple pages per sheet of paper. This can help conserve paper if printing a hard copy for your files for example.
  • Added a printing option, Scale to fit within printable page margins, that allows the page to be printed fully within the printer's printable page boundries. In other words, the full page will be scaled down as needed so that it will print entirely within the printable area of a page. Previously the pages were not scaled, and therefore, if you designed a form which had text within the paper's physical edges but outside of a printer's physical printable margins, the portion outside those margins would not get printed.
  • Added support for PNG image files.
  • Now remembers the setting for "Property Location is the same as the Client's address" for future new reports.
  • Added a feature to allow you to immediatly view the PDF file just created.
  • Improved Browse Reports grid (live tracking when using the slider, and sort order is now shown)
  • Added a Setup > Linked Text option to automatically trim off leading and trailing blank lines of the text being linked in.
  • Added a TOC preference setting to exclude all chapters and/or all topics from the TOC.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem importing a work view that had parentheses in the name.
  • Fixed a problem trying to update the topic summary when switching to work view when there was no work view.
  • Fixed a problem which allowed the attempt to save part or all of a comment as a RapidRemark even though no RapidRemark folders were available for the current topic. This would result in an error message since there would be no default folder to place the RapidRemark into.
  • Corrected a problem where a paragraph attribute, such as a bullet, from the previous linked text inclusion would carry over into the automatic insertion of the chapter and/or topic heading.
  • Now suppresses the faint section marker in the left margin when printing to a physical printer.
  • Fixed a TOC issue if there were more than one root folder and the TOC placeholder was somewhere in the last root folder.
  • Fixed a problem creating a new template if the Report View had one or more topics referencing the same topic comment.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.11
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem which could read a license file incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where it would continue to use the current report when deleting it and then cancelling out of the browse reports dialog.
  • Improved the way Apex and RapidSketch are loaded.
  • Added new links to the updated help file (included with the full setup)
Bug Fixes
  • Added hooks to prevent the ability to invoke the image editor a second time if you double-double clicked an image too quickly.
  • Fixed a problem where paragraph spacing would not be updated on the screen until something else updates the comment.
  • Fixed a problem when restoring a report that already exists, and you selected to have it added as a new report instead of replacing the existing report. If the reports have duplicate payment information, you would get an error saying that the payment information was not unique, and the restore would fail.
  • Fixed a problem similar to one fixed in 1.3.D where it had allowed a node to be dragged and dropped into one of its own child nodes (for both RapidRemark Manager and Report/Work View Manager).
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module, version 6.0.9
  • New setup program which is fully Windows Vista compatible.
  • Now allows more than two digits when specifying the auto-report number starting incrementing value.
  • Enhanced the New Report dialog.
  • Updated Texas WDI templates to reflect the 9/01/2007 revision. The updated templates will only install on new installs; if updating an existing install, pleas download the latest templates from the website and restore from those.
  • Improved performance of the Topic Checkbox Summary compilation by about 2x.
  • Added an Inspection Date Range selection to the Data Export feature, and sorts the results by date.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem that allowed the Print button to be double-clicked, causing various recursion errors.
  • Under Windows Vista, fixed some dialogs which would imprint part of the background onto unused areas of the dialog.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.30.3.
  • In the Backup, Restore and Archive functions of the Data Manager, you can now hold down the SHIFT key to select a range of reports instead of having to select each individual report while holding down the CTRL key.
  • When saving a comment as a RapidRemark, if the description given is the same as an existing description in the same folder, you will now be prompted to save as new or replace the existing one.
  • You can now invoke the Picklist Manager directly from the pop up list of picklist items to easily add or remove items from the current list.
  • Now when selecting a Chapter in the navigation tree, the main panel will show a topic checkbox summary so that you can view at-a-glance the topic checkboxes that are currently checkmarked for each topic under the selected chapter node.
  • All forms now initialize at mainform center rather than screen center (for improved behavior on widescreen or multi-monitor setups)
  • Added code to trap for and display jpg file corruption during import of an image rather than having a bug report generated.
  • Added limits to all the text boxes to prevent exceeding the width of the respective field in the database.
  • Added the ability to export selected data to XML, XLS, TXT, CSV and HTML format files using the Data Manager.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where it sometimes would not delete the image database folder for a report that was being deleted.
  • Fixed a problem where an empty image database folder would be created when saving part of a comment as a RapidRemark even though there were no images in the resulting RapidRemark.
  • If an image was added to a RapidRemark and then subsequently deleted from that RapidRemark, the image was not being deleted from the image database folder for that RapidRemark (only the link to it was deleted). Now when saving a RapidRemark, any unused images in the image database folder for that RapidRemark will be deleted.
  • Fixed an Access Violation when updating a node icon which could occur under the following scenario: switching reports from one that had a work view to another that did not, and the report view had some of the same navigation nodes as the previous report view. So when one of the navigation tree icons needed to be updated, such as marking the comment as complete, and the node just happened to have been referenced by the previous work view, the Access Violation would occur trying to update the work view icon which was no longer there.
  • Fixed a page count issue when a TOC was used in its own topic page.
  • Fixed an Index out of bounds error when generating a TOC when there was only a single root folder being printed.
  • Fixed an Access Violation when manipulating tables
  • Fixed a problem keeping all the city pulldowns in sync when new cities are added on the fly.
  • Fixed a problem where edit windows would not always get refreshed when it needed to be to correctly represent the WYSIWYG environment.
  • Fixed an invalid date error when trying to edit an existing client name.
  • Fixed a problem where changing the taxrate might not get saved.
  • Added a method to remove the old WhisperPI linked text attribute, which can be an artifact of cut/paste using the clipboard to move data from WhisperPI to WhisperReporter. Simply click on the double red underlined area, and then right click to select "Remove Old Style Link Text". Note: This menu item will only be visible if the double red underline is the result of an old style link text attribute.
  • Improved responsiveness when preloading a large number of images into the database.
  • Added the ability to reset the WDI sketch by right clicking and selecting the "Reset Sketch Using" item from the popup menu. This allowed for combining all sketch flavors of WDI templates into a single WDI Template.
  • Added the ability to view an image's properties when in Field Edit mode using the right-click popup menu. You can also select to edit the image from the same popup menu (previously, only a double-click of an image when in field edit mode would invoke the image editor)
  • Changed the logic flow when creating new reports. It now defaults to create a new report from a template. The template list is pre-populated with the most recently used list including all reports marked as templates.
  • Added configurable Audit items under Preferences, which include two new audits: No Topic checkboxes checked, and empty comments being printed.
Bug Fixes
  • Now converts the path to the Apex sketch to a short path so the Apex integration control can handle it without causing Apex to error with a 2739 error.
  • Corrected a problem restoring a report having a report number containing a single quote. This was introduced in 1.3.C.
  • Fixed a problem introduced with the updated editor integrated in 1.3.G where a table could cause a page break when it didn't need to.
  • Corrected a problem which could invalidate a license file.
  • If the topic checkbox group changes for a particular topic and contains a different set of checkboxes, the previous list of checked checkboxes will not be discarded the next time the topic is saved. This way, if the checkbox group is reset back to the previous checkbox group, the checked state for the checkboxes in that group will have been retained.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem updating the visible folder list when selecting an item in the RapidRemark View Manager. Changes to a RR View might also include the folders selected in another RR view previously looked at while in the RR View Manager.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.25
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem introduced in 1.3.E where during auto-summary resolutions the last item in a topic might have its paragraph attributes stripped off (for example a bullet item might not be bulleted if it was the last item resolved from a topic).
  • Corrected a problem where if a large number of images were included in the report (somewhat greater than 20 or so), the PDF would arbitrarily grow very large (for example, a normally 5MB PDF file might end up being 28MB if it had 65 images). This was corrected with the updated editor.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting module (6.0.6)
Bug Fixes
  • If the client city was modified, any subsequent reports you loaded would not show the correct city but would instead show the city you last entered. This previous city could be updated in the report if changes were then made to the client address and you didn't also correct the city pulldown. However, if no changes were made to the client address, the report would not be updated with this erroneous city selection.
  • The Add/Edit service fee now includes a pop up calculator.
  • Enhanced the Merge feature to take into account template data. Now during a merge, if the topic comment being merged differs from the current comment but has not been modified, it will not be appended to the existing comment (the existing comment will stay as-is). Also, if the topic comments differ but the current comment has not been modified, the topic comment being merged will replace the current comment rather than be appended to it.
  • Now if an installation of WhisperReporter expires before the 15 usage days has been exhausted, WhisperReporter will ask for a license file instead of simply terminating.
Bug Fixes
  • Now prevents the "Next" or "Previous" button from being double-clicked in the Data Manager which could result in an blank dialog having just Next/Previous/Close buttons.
  • If an incomplete or corrupted archive is specified during a restore, an error message will be invoked rather than producing an Access Violation. The actual error was being caught in the archive tool and not forwarded to the Data Manager, which continued on its merry way to try to restore basically nothing.
  • Fixed another access violation related to a previous bug which had been corrected in 1.3.D (where a RR folder could be dragged onto itself). If the topic currently selected was using a RR View that had the problem (parent folder pointing to itself), then bringing up the RR View Manager would result in an access violation.
  • Now if a RR folder's parent ID points to itself (earlier bug), it will be treated as if it had no parent. This will prevent this orphaned folder from being lost by now appearing as a root folder.
  • Fixed a problem where the scrollbars would disappear on the Image Panel.
  • Fixed a problem introduced with the new editor that was integrated in 1.3.D. You could no longer edit images when in Form Entry mode, such as the WDI structure diagram.
  • Fixed an access violation which could occur undo'ing a table row deletion.
  • Fixed a problem when restoring individual reports and the report being restored has updated general information that was user selected to be "added as new" instead of replaced or skipped. The restored report might point to the original general information instead of the "added as new" version of the general information. (in other words, the restore would not remap the general information section).
  • Fixed several table alignment issues during report generation, including indented tables not being indented, and an adjoining table being indented if there wasn't an empty line between the two.
  • Eliminated an extra line that was being added between topics of linked text items.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.24
  • WhisperReporter now remembers the path where the database was installed at the time of the current or previous installation. We have found that the Window's Shell Folders registry entry that points to a user's location that all applications should save user data to, can be modified and redirected to a new location without consent. All apps that relied on the expectations that this path information would not change are affected, including Microsoft Outlook.
  • Installation no longer overwrites the default autocorrect.adu custom dictionary. This dictionary was intended to be the default custom dictionary as released by the spellchecker, and a user's autocorrect dictionary would hold any newly added items, including custom autocorrect entries. We have found that some users have modified the spellchecker configuration and redirected custom additions to be written to the default dictionary. In such cases, updating WhisperReporter would then overwrite the default custom dictionary, losing any additions the user had added.
  • Added the checkbox type as a link type, whose properties can be viewed and a type that can be removed.
  • Added a "New Picklist" menu item to the Picklist pulldown button on the toolbar to provide an easier path to create new picklists, especially when in the RapidRemark Manager.
  • Added the ability to change the background color of the RapidRemarks panel. Simply right click on the RR panel and select the background color from the list of available colors.
  • In the RapidRemark Manager, added a button to allow the insertion of the selected RapidRemark into the current report comment.
  • Hitting the ESC key in the RapidRemark Manager will now close the dialog as if you hit the close button. The ESC will have no effect if editing a RapidRemark.
Bug Fixes
  • The Report View Manager now prevents topic nodes from being able to be created under the root folder (topics can only be created under chapter nodes).
  • Fixed a race condition which could have caused an Access Violation when using the Report View Manager and changing the Report View that is currently shown.
  • Fixed a SQL error if the autogeneration of the report number included an apostrophe.
  • If toggling the "Comment Complete" on or off, all work view nodes will now reflect the change, not just the first one.
  • Fixed a problem which allowed RapidRemarks folders and Report/Work View Chapters to be drag-n-dropped into themselves, corrupting the parent reference of the node.
  • Fixed a stack overflow condition when selecting a topic that had the above parent reference problem. To correct such an instance, simply use the RapidRemark View Manager to clear and reselect the folders desired for the particular RapidRemark View causing the problem. i.e. Use the Report View Manager to select the topic you are having problems with, and then click the "..." button next to the RapidRemark View pulldown. This will load the RapidRemark View for that topic, where you can then reselect the folders for that RapidRemark View.
  • Corrected a problem backing up and restoring custom spellcheck dictionaries.
  • When creating a new report from a template, it will no longer use the current client name and property address for the autogeneration of the report number when those tags are used in the report number format.
  • Fixed a problem where the scrollbars would disappear on the RapidRemark Panel.
  • Integrated with an updated Bug Reporting tool, 6.0.4
  • Integrated with an updated Apex integration control,
  • Added Next Topic/Previous Topic toolbar buttons to allow incremental browsing of your comments using the mouse.
  • Added a View Image toolbar button on the image panel to make it easier to view a large sample of the image using the mouse without having to right-click and select from a popup menu.
  • Now remembers the last Print Preview zoom mode.
  • Now if during a restore, either the internal report ID or the user's report number matches an existing report ID or report number, respectively, you can now optionally merge the two reports. During a merge, if comments or notes differ, the comment/note from the report being restored is appended to the existing comment/note. Other information is added only if there is no entry in the current report for that same entry, for example the client or property ID. Services are also merged (appended).
  • If you click on the same RapidRemark you currently have selected but had closed the preview balloon, the preview balloon will reappear.
  • Enhanced Auto Report Numbering by allowing to specify the starting point for incrementing numbers: Zero (as in previous versions), Last Number Used, and Other (you can specify a number to always start from)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a race condition which could have caused an Access Violation when using the RapidRemark View Manager to change the RapidRemark View that is currently shown in the RapidRemark panel.
  • Fixed a problem with RapidSketch integration
  • Fixed a problem with Apex Medina integration on Windows Vista. On Vista only, the integration control would close before the edited image was finished being saved, resulting in WhisperReporter refreshing the image with the image that had not yet been updated. On new Apex sketch insertion, the image would never even be added to the comment.
  • Updated the RapidSketch integration DLL to version
  • The default cursor in the edit window is now the I-Beam (text edit) cursor rather than a pointer.
  • If editing in the report comment, RapidRemark comment or the Hint editors, the mouse pointer will now be hidden while typing. Moving the mouse over the respective window will cause the mouse pointer to be visible once again. This feature will work whether your mouse driver supports it directly or not.
  • Enhanced prefix ability to linkedText items, so you can now add chapter.topic.item numbering or a symbol at the beginning of a linked text item.
  • Now if you click on the Link toolbar icon without any text selected, it will automatically select the current paragraph.
  • Added a new tool to allow import of WhisperPI's Realtor information (Agents and Real Estate Companies).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an Access Violation issue with the RapidRemark panel if you closed the RapidRemark Manager without making any changes and then tried to bring it up a second time without changing topics.
  • Fixed a Database warning that the data was truncated if you edited a RapidRemoark TOC description and the new length exceeded 100 chars.
  • Fixed an image quality bug which caused images being imported to be scaled using the draft quality no matter what the setting was in Preferences.
  • Fixed an Access Violation which would occur after closing the RapidRemark dialog under this scenario: You drag selected text to the RapidRemark panel to save the selected text as a RapidRemark, which in turn launches the RapidRemark dialog; then, while in the RapidRemark dialog, you drag the item to a different location in the TOC and then close the dialog. (the two drag operations were actually overlapping one another)
  • LinkedText resolution now honors the topic heading indentation of the <$comment> tag if used.
  • Fixed a problem where Print Preview button could be clicked a second time while processing the first preview, causing a error about a closed dataset and the print preview would be blank.
  • Integrated with an updated editor, version 5.22.1.
  • Integrated with an updated PDF generator, version 2.94.
  • Integrated with an updated image compression component, Version 1.8.1 (this also caused the scaling method of "nearest" to be deprecated by the Cosine method)
  • Improved responsiveness of user checkbox toggling when using a mouse.
  • Added the ability to print the report using the work view. This change also required an enhancement to be able to set a layout for a work view folder.
  • Enhanced image import support by allowing a configurable border to be added to all images as they are brought into WhisperReporter. The border can range anywhere from a solid border to a drop shadow, using a wide variety of colors and widths. A plain white border could even be used to simply act as an image separator without having to manually space the images apart from one another.
  • Added the ability to rename an image file that has been imported into the database. Simply right click on the image in the image panel and select to rename the file.
  • Added zoom in/out buttons for the image panel to quickly change the thumbnail size (and added an 4th "extra large" size).
  • Added a thumbnail image preview window. Simply right click on an image in the thumbnail panel and select "View Image" to pop up a large preview of the image. Subsequent clicking on thumbnails will show the image in the preview window while still opened.
  • Added an easier emailing procedure. Now upon completion of creating a PDF file of the report, WhisperReporter will prompt you whether or not you would like to email the report at this time. If you answer yes, it will prompt with email addresses used in the report to select from, and then launch the user's default email client with the report already attached and the recipients filled in. Previously, the user had to do this all manually, such as bringing up their email client, typing in the recipients' email addresses, locate the report PDF file to attach. Note that this was only tested with Outlook Express, so not sure how it will work with other email clients.
  • Now WhisperReporter will invoke the default web browser instead of Internet Explorer (which might be the default) when selecting the link under the Help menu to go to Whisper's web site.
  • Added "Map it" buttons to be able to use Google Maps to pull up a map of either the client or property address. Connection to the internet is required.
  • Enhanced Autonumbering of linked text items. Now the sequence number can be reset per chapter or topic and the adding of the sequence number to the source text is now optional.
  • Added a bug reporting module that will trap serious errors and ask you to email to us vital information we've collected to help us diagnose the problem, such as on an Access Violation.
  • Removed the warning about modifying Whisper distributable view/layouts. Whisper will always release new versions of views/layouts without overwriting exiting views/layouts... so this warning was unnecessary. The new version of a view/layout will have a different version number in the description.
  • Added example work views for each of the new Texas 7A-0 templates (existing users will have to download the new templates separately).
  • Added new Report Views and checkbox group for Texas 7A-0 templates to be able to suppress the optional systems. See templates with the v1.1 label.
  • The label "Report #" is now a hyperlink to modify a report number (this is in addition to the double-click of the report number panel and the right-click of the report number panel that has been there for a while but wasn't obvious).
  • Changed the application color scheme.
  • Corrected the sample Invoices for the Texas and California Invoice Layouts. Multiple items would not line up the costs properly.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem restoring from a complete backup where it could not rename the current database to preserve in case of a failure during the restore.
  • Corrected a problem switching printers using the Print Dialog to select a printer from the pulldown list; the printer mode was not reset in this case. Most noticible if switching from a B/W printer to a color printer (it would print in B/W). This was not a problem if switching printers using the Printer Setup dialog.
  • Corrected a paragraph alignment issue for linked text merged into the report.
  • Corrected a situation where an access violation could occur when opening the RapidRemark View Manager or saving a comment as a RapidRemark.
  • Corrected an access violation if you double-clicked on the RapidRemark Panel and there were no entries in the panel.
  • If viewing paragraph attributes and the linked text qualifier is changed, the text is now refreshed automatically to reflect the change.
  • If a linked text item has a qualifier that is not in the picklist for linked text qualifiers, it will be properly shown in the linked text properties window, and you will be prompted whether you want to add it in.
  • Corrected the order that folders are saved when backing up individual reports or views to guarantee that root folders are backed up and restored first (precaution in case a work view is distributed to a user with an earlier WhisperReporter version that doesn't have the following fix)
  • Corrected a problem during a restore of individual work views where the root folder might not be restored ahead of a child folder, causing the work view to not be restored properly.
  • Improved Work View creation by presenting the available topics to select from when creating a chapter. This way, when you create a chapter, you can quickly create the related topics in one operation.
  • Corrected a problem updating the thumbnail view after editing an image. An error indicating "Invalid Image Size" popped up... referring to the updated thumbnail image. This problem was introduced in 1.2.A.
  • Added a set of tabs at the bottom of the image thumbnail panel list to filter the thumbnails as follows: "All", "Used" and "Not Used". The tabs can be dragged to change the order if desired.
  • Made a slight performance improvement in report generation.
  • Added the ability to specify the default font for form fields separate from the default font for the comment area.
  • Added the ability to sepecify a default font color
  • Fixed a problem where the service list's up/down arrows could be enabled even though a service was not selected.
  • Corrected a problem where the image captions would become disassociated with the correct image after deleting one or more images from the Image panel.
  • Updated database engine ( for Windows Vista support.
  • Database moved to a new location that is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • The page number hint when using the scrollbar is now suppressed unless in Page View mode.
  • Corrected a situation where spellcheck corrections were not marking the comment as having been modified.
  • If you select to "Spellcheck All" while in the General Info area, the comment area will become visible.
  • If you select to "Spellcheck All", it will spellcheck using the currently selected Report or Work view navigation tree instead of always trying to use the Report View navigation tree.
  • First release!
  • For reports that have no client or property city/state set yet, i.e. new reports, it now defaults to the city and state of the inspection company instead of blank.
  • The "Location is same as Client's address" option no longer defaults to checked since it is more likely that the inspected address will not be the client's own address.
  • Fixed a problem with page numbers printed on a page if (1) a TOC was used which caused the total page count to increase once the TOC was generated, and (2) the report had multiple root chapters, i.e. chapters which restarted the page numbering at 1.