WhisperReporter Beta Pre-Release Upcoming enhancements / bug fixes

This is a pre-release Beta test version. We recommend that it only be downloaded and installed if suggested by Whisper Support or if you are experiencing the problems addressed by this beta. Keep in mind that this beta may also include new features which might affect what you are used to, or may introduce new bugs. Note that any new features might not be fully implemented at the time the beta was uploaded, or may not end up in the final release.

Changes since the last release that are included in this beta version:

  • 1.26.b1: Now when printing a report to an HTML file, it will embed images into the HTML file instead of leaving them as links.
  • 1.26.b2: Changed an initialization option to help prevent rare instances where a popup dialog opens up behind its parent dialog.
  • 1.26.b3: Firebird database editions - Fixed a restore issue with Picklists, RapidRemark Views, Notes, Checkbox Group Rules from a back up of a report created using the standard Professional editon which uses the ADS database. This was due to incompatible field definitions between the two databases.
  • 1.26.b4: Fixed a problem when using the image panel to duplicate either a RapidSKetch or Apex sketch where it would only copy the JPG file and not the respective sketch file.
  • 1.26.b4: Temporarily took out an exception handler in the Done event when using RapidSketch in order to receive a bug report along with the error message should one occur.
  • 1.26.b5: The zipcode/postal code field for Properties and Clients is now a dropdown populated with previously used ones for properties or clients, respectively.
  • 1.26.b6: Added a new Report Generation Preference setting: Keep a paragraph together. This will add the Keep Paragraph Together attribute to every topic comment paragraph that is not in a table and not already marked to be kept with the next paragraph. The attribute is only applied to the generated report, not the actual topic comments in the database.
  • 1.26.b7: The Whisper camera tools no longer are set to "stay on top" so that you do not have to close the camera tool in order to work on your report unobstructed. The camera tools also now create a toolbar icon stacked on the WhisperReporter icon to make it easy to bring focus back to the camera tool. To switch back and forth between the main app and the camera tool, you can click on the taskbar icon for WhisperReporter which will open both icons and just pick the one you want to focus on. The camera tools now include a minimize button as well.

Download Current Beta
Version 1.26.b7 (2019-06-24), 34.0 MB