WhisperReporter Beta Pre-Release Upcoming enhancements / bug fixes

This is a pre-release Beta test version. We recommend that it only be downloaded and installed if suggested by Whisper Support or if you are experiencing the problems addressed by this beta. Keep in mind that this beta may also include new features which might affect what you are used to, or may introduce new bugs. Note that any new features might not be fully implemented at the time the beta was uploaded, or may not end up in the final release.

Changes since the last release that are included in this beta version:

  • 1.25.b1: Fix for a list index out of bounds error when building the RapidRemarks list under certain conditions
  • 1.25.b2: Made the menu text for image position settings consistent on all image popup menus
  • 1.25.b2: Added a new preference to confirm when changing image wrap style
  • 1.25.b2: Added a top alignment change when resetting all panels to original state to force the checkbox splitter bar to be below the checkbox panel.
  • 1.25.b2: Tweaked the zip compression tool to cleanup any left over temp files which might occur if there was an error or other interruption during compression.
  • 1.25.b3: Fixed a problem restoring a report/template that has a PDF document node which might then fail to fully have it be seen as a PDF document node.
  • 1.25.b3: Fixed a problem with PDF Printing when the report has a PDF Document placeholder but a selected page range did not include the PDF Document placeholder page.
  • 1.25.b4: When changing a paragraph's border, the width setting is now shown in Twips rather than Point sizes for a more refined and accurate adjustment.
  • 1.25.b5: Fixed an issue where the camera folder monitor processes a single image file having the jpeg extension but then cannot insert the thumbnail, reporting the jpeg file is missing.
  • 1.25.b6: Fixed an issue modifying a PDF chapter or PDF Topic in the Report View Manager which could cause it to lose its associated PDF Layout.
  • 1.25.b7: Now remembers the last path used to output a report as an RTF file. It will also now use a default RTF file name based on the report number.
  • 1.25.b7: No longer attempts to output PDF style chapter/topic bookmarks when printing to an RTF file. This was causing unexpected characters to show up in the output, like commas and periods.
  • 1.25.b8: When printing to RTF, it now embeds images into the RTF file instead of retaining the linked version of the image.

Download Beta Release
Version 1.25.b8 (2018-10-11), 34.0 MB