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First of all, a special thanks to Derek Brown at Criterium Engineers for his help in compiling this content.


What is WhisperReporter?

WhisperReporter combines a Word comparable text editor with a robust database behind the scenes to create a package for creating, editing and distributing reports. Reports are based from Whisper designed templates, user designed templates or previous reports. The software can produce PDF reports for electronic distribution or hard copy reports for physical distribution. The software is highly customizable and can be adapted to fit with different and changing office environments.



What are the Advantages to WhisperReporter?

Drop-down menus reduce needed typing and to promote uniformity through all reports.

Auto-filling “Tags” reduce repetitive data entry. Type the information just once.

Client information is stored in the database, making it even faster to start reports.

All reports, photos and client records are stored in a central database, making backups and collaboration a cinch.

No need to remember 10s or 100s of RapidRemarks, RapidRemarks are dragged and dropped from a library right on the screen.

Microsoft Word versions change and sharing among old and new versions can be a hassle. WhisperReporter eliminates this hassle since anyone with WhisperReporter can open any file created in WhisperReporter.

“Cloak”-able text reduces needed typing and provides direction throughout the templates.

Uniform reports are produced throughout the entire organization.